Do You Want to Know If Your Manuscript Is Any Good? Do You Need Some Honest Feedback and an Unbiased Critique? Do You Want Help with the Big Picture of Writing?

Our Executive Editing Package is all-inclusive and gives you this and more! Be sure to ask about it when requesting your free editing sample of your writing.

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Do you have a finished manuscript that you need help with? Are you struggling with confidence? Do you want some insight regarding your overall composition, writing style, plot, and character development? Then an executive editing package is best for you!

Get comprehensive content editing and an editorial critique PLUS help polishing your words with potential rewrites of up to 20%!

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When Do I Need Executive Editing?

Executive editing is ideal for your first draft.

The executive editing package is designed for authors with intense creative desires who need a comprehensive content edit plus in-depth analysis, evaluation, and possible rewrites/restructure of their manuscript.

You will get the answers and recommendations regarding the overall composition and clarity of your outline that you are seeking. You can then revise your manuscript accordingly and return confidently for line editing.

Executive editing is recommended for writers who need lots of feedback and support. It is for you – the dedicated writer, committed researcher, or determined business executive who wants your writing taken seriously.

You are willing to invest into the big picture and then revise to create the manuscript of your dreams!

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What Is an Executive Editing Package?

The executive editing package includes a much, much deeper level of content editing combined with a professional editorial critique and some helpful writing assistance. It is ideal at the beginning of your editing process.

Your executive editing package is designed for when you want extensive feedback, advice, and assistance. You get answers and solutions when you have considerable questions. Plus you have honest, unbiased feedback while in the creative and developmental stage of your writing.

With executive editing you get a fantastic combination of all the editing levels. You receive precise copy editing, detailed line editing, and in-depth content editing PLUS additional evaluation and rewrites (up to 20% when necessary). It is very comprehensive editing.

Plus, you receive an in-depth, professional, and unbiased Professional Editorial Critique of your writing.

Thus, the complete Executive Editing PACKAGE fully encompasses all the services from Editing Levels 1, 2 and 3. We also add comprehensive assistance with overall composition and structural rewrites. Your professional editorial critique includes additional recommendations and feedback for further development.

The executive editing package is your all-inclusive service with an even more in-depth content edit plus a professional editorial review.

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Executive Content Editors

Content editing is provided by experienced professional editors specializing in your genre and writing style. Your editor thoroughly provides a developmental, structural, or substantive edit. It is the most thorough approach.

She corrects your writing and ensures a smooth presentation with of the English language and all writing elements. Furthermore, your content editor approaches your writing from a very high perspective to analyze the clarity, continuity, and flow of your writing, research, and subject material.

The Professional Editorial Critique provides an evaluation of your writing’s overall substance, organization, and presentation.

Of course, all positive feedback provided by your editor is yours. You are welcome to use this review in your book reviews, book promotions, and marketing.

Your content editor ensures that you deliver the best quality writing, research, and product possible to your audience.

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Executive Editing Package

Our Advanced Premium Content Editing with Professional Editorial Review is ideal for authors needing a comprehensive content edit plus in-depth analysis, evaluation, and possible rewrites/restructure of the manuscript.

RECOMMENDED for writers who need lots of feedback and support. It is for dedicated authors, committed researchers, and determined business executives who want their ideas, manuscript, and writing taken seriously.

Level 4 – Executive Editing PACKAGE – includes precise copy editing, detailed line editing, and in-depth content editing (Levels 1, 2 and 3) and more! Your content editor corrects spelling, grammar, and punctuation; evaluates word choices; eliminates jargon and repetition; ensures style consistency; revises inappropriate verb tenses; and inserts transitional phrasing. Your editor then evaluates the continuity/flow of your thoughts, ensures support of statements, and provides formatting of citations/references, and footnotes according to industry style guides.

Additionally, you receive a complete editorial assessment of your manuscript in a separate document as the Professional Editorial Critique.

Lastly, you get extensive professional supplementary sentence rewrites (up to 20%) when necessary! This all goes above and beyond other editing services!

All executive editing services are customized to your unique needs: Fiction, Nonfiction, or Academic Research.

Client Reviews
“Flexible customer service.”
Karlo London, England
“The main reason I went with First Editing was the free samples. As you rmay recall, the first attempt didn't go so well. Kathy asked for a second chance and it was immediately clear that Lee Ann understood what I was trying to do.”
“Quality of work and deadline. I received my document after 2-3 days.”
Maria Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Portugal
Miguel Oost Janthiel, Curacao
“I link the editing work that Lee Ann has made and the quick responses from”
Vuong Singapore, Singapore

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