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Do you need some honest feedback, guidance, and an unbiased critique?

Do you want help with the “Big Picture” of writing your nonfiction book?

Our Executive Editing Package is all-inclusive. It gives you this and more!

Be sure to ask about coaching when requesting your free editing sample of your writing.

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Do you have a nonfiction manuscript outlined that needs help?

Do you want some insight regarding your overall composition, writing style, point-of-view and presentation?

Book Coaching with Executive Editing is best for you!

Get comprehensive Executive Content Editing, a professional editorial critique PLUS help to polish your words with potential rewrites of up to 20%!


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When Do I Need Executive Editing?

Nonfiction Book Coaching is an Executive Content Editing ideal for your first nonfiction draft.

This Executive Editing package provides professional help to authors with intense creative desires. Your nonfiction manuscript gets a comprehensive Content Edit plus in-depth analysis, evaluation, and rewrites/restructure of your manuscript.

You will get answers and recommendations regarding the overall composition and clarity of your outline you are seeking. You can then revise your manuscript accordingly.

We recommend Executive Editing for nonfiction writers who want feedback, support and guidance.

Book Coaching is for you – the dedicated entrepreneur, aspiring writer, committed researcher, or determined business executive who wants your writing taken seriously.

You will invest into the big picture and then revise to create the manuscript of your dreams!

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What Is the Book Coaching & Executive Editing Package?

The executive editing package includes a much, much deeper level of Content Editing combined with a professional editorial critique and some helpful writing help.

It is ideal at the beginning of your outlining, writing and editing process.

Book Coaching provides extensive feedback, advice, and editorial help. You get answers and solutions when you have considerable questions. Plus you have honest, unbiased feedback while in the creative and developmental stage of your writing.

With Executive Editing you get a fantastic combination of all the Nonfiction Editing levels. You receive precise copy editing, detailed line editing, and in-depth content editing PLUS additional evaluation and rewrites (up to 20% when necessary). It is very comprehensive.

Plus, you receive an in-depth, professional, and unbiased Professional Editorial Critique of your writing which helps you clarify the vision, goals, and objectives of your book.

Thus, the complete Book Coaching Plus Executive Editing PACKAGE fully encompasses all the services from Nonfiction Editing Levels 1, 2 and 3 PLUS a Book Coach, Professional Summary Letter, and Critique.

We also add comprehensive help with overall composition and structural rewrites. Your professional editorial critique includes additional recommendations and feedback for further development.

The Executive Editing Package is your all-inclusive service with an even more in-depth content edit, book coaching, plus a professional editorial review.

Get a free editing sample of your book today. Ask about Book Coaching when you submit your manuscript!

Discover Which Editing Level You Need

Nonfiction Book Coaching & Executive Content Editors

Your nonfiction Book Coaching package includes Content Editing by experienced professional editors specializing in your genre and writing style.

Your Content Editor thoroughly provides a developmental, structural, or substantive edit. It is the most thorough approach.

They will assist you in developing your book to accomplish your career goals and writing objectives, such as writing a nonfiction manuscript, which is:

  • Instructional
  • Inspirational
  • Motivational
  • Educational

Your Content Editor corrects your writing and ensures a smooth presentation with the English language and all the writing elements.

Your Book Coach approaches your writing from a very high perspective to analyze the clarity, continuity, and flow of your writing, research, and subject material. They help smooth the writing while pointing out any necessary additions, truncations, or support text.

Your Professional Editorial Critique provides an evaluation of your writing’s overall substance, organization, and presentation.

All positive feedback provided by your editor is yours. You are welcome to use this review in your book reviews, book promotions, and marketing.

Your Book Coach ensures you deliver the best quality writing, research, and product possible to your audience.

See for yourself how editing corrects & perfects YOUR writing! FREE SAMPLE.

Book Coach Plus Executive Editing Package

Our Advanced Premium Content Editing with Professional Editorial Review is ideal for authors needing a comprehensive content edit plus in-depth analysis, evaluation, and rewrites/restructure of the manuscript.

RECOMMENDED for writers who need lots of feedback and support. It is for dedicated authors, committed researchers, and determined business executives who want their ideas, manuscript, and writing taken seriously.

Level 4 – Book Coach Plus Executive Editing PACKAGE – includes precise Copy Editing, detailed Line Editing, and in-depth Executive Content Editing (Levels 1, 2 and 3) and more!

Your Book Coach

  • corrects spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • evaluates word choices
  • eliminates jargon and repetition
  • ensures style consistency
  • revises inappropriate verb tenses
  • inserts transitional phrasing
  • evaluates the continuity/flow of your thoughts
  • ensures support of statements
  • provides formatting of citations/references, and footnotes according to industry style guides
  • assists in developing a unique motivational, inspirational or education which appeals to your defined audience
  • gives a summary letter which outlines the evaluation and editorial services provided

You receive a complete editorial assessment of your manuscript in a separate document as the Professional Editorial Critique.

Last, you get extensive professional supplementary sentence rewrites (up to 20%) when necessary! This all goes above and beyond other editing services!


Copy Editing

Order a Copy Edit LAST before formatting and publishing.

Recommended ONLY for confident writers after completing all revisions and preparing to format

Necessary as your FINAL edit before publishing and as a formatting check before distribution

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Line Editing

Order a Line Edit as your final REVISION before sharing publicly or distributing your manuscript.

Recommended BEFORE sharing, distribution, review or publication

Necessary MINIMUM edit before submitting to organizers, agents, and publishing houses

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Book Coaching

Order a Package Edit to achieve confidence that you are READY to share your manuscript publicly.

Recommended as a COMPLETE editorial service. Get a Content Edit, feedback and a final Copy Edit.

Necessary MULTIPLE EDITS organizing and presenting your ideas. Get assistance with the English language and an extensive assessment of structure.

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More Details: Basic Copy Editing


Only request professional Copy Editing services when planning NO revisions as it is your FINAL EDIT.

Basic Copy Editing includes checking your grammar, spelling, and punctuation for accuracy; ensuring consistency in your writing, word choices, style, and compositional spacing; and eliminating jargon and repetitious words.

Recommended ONLY for confident writers after you complete all revisions and prepare to format

Necessary as your FINAL edit before publishing and as a formatting check before distribution


More Details: Standard Line Editing


Seek professional Line Editing services as the MINIMUM PROFESSIONAL EDIT AFTER YOUR STRUCTURAL REVISIONS as necessary before seeking beta readers, reviews, or agent submissions.

Recommended BEFORE sharing, distribution, review or publication

Necessary MINIMUM edit before submitting to organizers, agents, and publishing houses


More Details: Executive Content Editing


Get professional Content Editing services as an IN-DEPTH STRUCTURAL EDIT to improve your revisions during writing and development.

Recommended for FEEDBACK as an in-depth edit to better organize and convey motivation or inspiration to your readers

Necessary HELP when your manuscript has extensive issues with English grammar, clarity, comprehension, structure, or purpose


More Details: Plus Book Coaching


Secure a professional CONTENT EDIT AND CRITIQUE to ensure your success! Receive structural revisions while evaluating your presentation, proposition, point of view, and call-to action. Your best career investment.

Recommended as a COMPLETE editorial service. Get a Content Edit, feedback and a final Copy Edit.

Necessary MULTIPLE EDITS organizing and presenting your ideas. Get assistance with the English language and an extensive assessment of structure.

Client Reviews
“What did I like most? Everything! I loved getting a free sample first to give me an idea what I could look forward to with the rest of my manuscript. The feedback in the edits by Dr. Jeff reminded me it was a real person reading my book, not a ...”
Kimberlee Groveland, USA
“I was in need of help facing writing deadlines for my doctoral applications. My statements of purpose were each unique. I was challenged to create a 1300 word one to a 750 word one. Another challenge came from a professor who asked me to take a specific B+ paper of ...”
Suzanne Washington, USA
“Attention to detail. Very good editing and reproduction”
Brad Oliver BC, Canada
“Quality and professionalism! I liked most that when I used First Editing for the first time, the group delivered a fantastic editing experience at a reasonable price! I also really appreciated the feedback from my editor! It helped my confidence that an outside reader appreciated my content and delivery.”
Suzanne Washington, USA
“It is really good.”
asli gretna, USA

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