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Client Reviews
“I appreciated the speed of the review.”
Rohana Cheras, Malaysia
“Thank you Max, you did a really great job! Dr. Teruni”
Teruni Reno, USA
“I am so happy and grateful for Joanne's excellent editing work. She was professional, thoughtful, with a superb knowledge of grammar, and always attentive to the story's content. From the free samples, I was sure she'd be excellent. My story is not simple, and English is not my native language, but Joanne ...”
Giancarlo Getafe, Spain
“Deadline was met.”
Jurgen Weinheim, Germany
“Communications were straightforward and I appreciated the speed and completeness of replies to my questions. Dr. Jeff performed a rigorous edit that improved my story and pointed me in directions that will improve my future efforts. I enjoyed the experience and feel it was worth the cost. I plan to ...”