We Are Hiring Experienced Professional Editors!

To apply for a full-time, year-round editing job you will need to submit your:

  1. Editor Application which provides additional instructions for the following three steps
  2. Editing Resume with references which outlines your extensive editorial experience and prior training as an editor
  3. Cover Letter which highlights your training, certifications, education, editing experience, skills, availability, and knowledge of writing software and editing tools
  4. Samples of your editing skills using the Track Changes feature from Microsoft

Please note that we disregard incomplete applications which omit any required information.

We are seeking professionally trained editors with:

Extensive Professional Editing Experience which includes strong references from previous employers, clients, agents, journals, and publishing houses

A Doctorate Degree and extensive editorial experience in research, publishing, technical academic English, thesis and dissertation submissions, journal reviews, etc.

An Advanced Education – Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, in-house training, editing certifications / courses, publishing seminars, etc.

Professional Editorial Affiliations – membership or participation with editing and writing organizations (see below)

An International Location which serves a time zone outside of the continental North American market, especially those editors in the UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Alaska, or Hawaii

Editor Associations & Affiliations

Requirements & Restrictions for Editorial Jobs:

  1. Your application is complete. We will neither consider applicants with missing information nor reply to such enquiries.
  2. You pay attention to details, instructions, and formality. We will not consider applicants whose application or communication includes grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors.
  3. You have native English as your “mother tongue” which is spoken fluently in your home. English is your PRIMARY language for all education and business. We also require an understanding of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) / Academic English.
  4. You are consistently available for work which includes complete editing samples. Ideal applicants have a minimum of 20 hours available weekly for editing, professional consultations, or sample submissions.
  5. You work online. Submit your application, samples, references, etc. electronically. We do NOT communicate via post with editors or clients.
  6. You must have prior editing experience and formal training with extensive knowledge of Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. Any additional experience with writing software and editing tools is optimal.

We maintain an active file of approved editors who have submitted all necessary documentation. When an editing position becomes available, we contact the preferred, pre-qualified editor.

Our team members have worked with us for an average of 7 years or more.

We look forward to the possibility of working with you. We are a team of professionals who enjoy working together in the publishing industry.

Thank you for considering us!