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Apply to join our network of trusted affiliates today! We enjoy collaborating with reliable writing and publishing experts who have a proven history helping authors worldwide achieve their publication goals.

Please apply if any of the following describe you.

  • You are a trusted expert and well-established in the writing, publishing, and book marketing industry
  • You desire a long-term networking relationship beyond basic affiliate links
  • You create promotional opportunities and joint ventures, such as service stacks, blog post reviews, podcast promotions, summits, online courses, interviews, advisory boards, conferences, etc.
  • You provide relevant services & products which are a natural fit to our professional editing services
  • You avoid spammy marketing tactics and pushy sales pitches by giving solid advice based on personal experience and knowledge
  • You are a recognized writing, publishing, and book marketing authority with a solid blog, channel, or podcast
  • You are a writer who knows how important editing is to the entire creative, developmental, promotional, and marketing aspects of a book
  • You trust our editing process and client services to deliver as promised
  • You have used our services and feel strongly about promoting them to other authors

It’s easy, fun, and profitable to be in our network!

We can provide you:

  • Banners, ads, and coupons with tracking cookies to ensure you get paid for any orders from your people
  • Email copy you can share as a cross-promotion
  • Easy and fast payments for all commissions your traffic generates
  • Guest blogging opportunities
  • Newsletter promotions
  • Cross-promotion on our Publishing Power podcast
  • Marketing collaboration with a link exchange
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Become an Affiliate with FirstEditing

Do you work in the writing, publishing, and book marketing industry? Do you have a community of authors who trust your opinion? If so, let’s work together!

We are seeking professional affiliate marketers to promote our editing services via respectable and transparent methods.

We desire honest recommendations, on-line reviews, and relevant website connections with experts in the writing, publishing, and book marketing industry. (We are also open to reciprocating promotions with partners who offer complementary services that our authors need.)

Why you should become an affiliate with FirstEditing

Since 1994, FirstEditing’s writers and editors have assisted over 50,000 authors worldwide. We have a large foundation of returning writers who hire our editors again and again. Most of our editors have been with us at least 7 years. So we pride ourselves on good relationships.

Happy with our quality, customer service, and affordable prices, we have thousands of testimonials from satisfied writers to share with you. Thus, you can trust us to uphold our reputation (and improve yours) when you refer affiliate clients to us.

Earn affiliate commissions

If you know someone who would benefit from editing services, we are grateful for your recommendation. You get a 10% affiliate commission.

We are the internet’s leading professional editing service provider. Let’s combine efforts to help the authors of the world.