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By writing a guest blog post, you are helping other authors develop their craft and publish their books. You are also recognized as a fellow expert in the writing industry.

If we publish your piece, we will email over 50,000 writers with links to you and/or your website. Additionally, we will promote you across our social media and, whenever possible, we will link to your social media too.

Some samples of great topics:

  • The Writing Process (Fiction, Nonfiction, and Academic)
  • Grammar Rules
  • Writing and Editing Apps and Tools
  • How to work with an editor
  • Publishing

What should you write about?


We love blog posts that give practical advice to writers with specific instructions. Help authors improve their writing practice or inspire them. Some great posts include:

  • What to Know About In-Text Citations
  • Do I Need One Space or Two After a Period?
  • When to Double-Space
  • How to Cite a White Paper

You are welcome to pitch a selection of topics in advance of writing. Please do not ask us to suggest topics for you.

How should you write the guest blog post?

Your writing needs to be excellent! Run it through ProWritingAid and other writing tools before you send it to us!
Because we provide professional editing services, we would look a bit silly if our own guest posts were full of grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors.

Provide a catchy title with a strong introduction, a well-formed argument, and a useful conclusion that outlines and repeats the highlights of your post.

Please ensure that it doesn’t feel advertorial for your own site/product. It should be USEFUL information that the reader can use immediately without any purchases.

What should you include?

  • Please include at least one link within your post to other posts on the First Editing blog.
  • Please include a two sentence bio at the bottom of your submission.

What are the rules?

Boring we know, but there are a few rules you need to follow to get your post published here:

Provide only:

  • UNIQUE content – This means that this writing is 100% original and not published anywhere else.
  • High-quality valuable information in your guest post which the writer can use immediately.
  • Self-serving links that are restricted to the by-line. There should be NONE in the main copy.

Where should you send it?

Email your post as a word document to or share a google doc to

Can we write a guest post for you?

We love guest posting on other great blogs too! Please do get in touch if you would like First Editing to share some tips and techniques for editing and writing.