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You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would tell you that they have never considered writing a book. Writing a book is just one of those things everyone wants to do.

Some have gone further and started writing but have yet to hit the end. In this modern age of digital self-publishing, writing a book is easier than ever. There are no gatekeepers. You don’t need permission, an agent, or a book publisher. If you want one, that’s fine, but it’s not necessary, because self-publishing is and can be lucrative.

If you haven’t yet written a book here are reasons to do so:


Whether you have a Ph.D. or a GED, writing a book is an education in itself. The writing process challenges and educates. You will learn more about yourself and gain wisdom after writing a book.

I compare book writing to giving birth to a baby – it’s something you will cherish forever.


You heard when you share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you, and your story will heal somebody else.

Author Sandra Cisneros says, “Don’t only write the things that you remember, also write the things you can’t forget.”

That’s powerful.

Some events have happened in your life that you will never forget, and writing helps dissolve the hard knots of regret, loss, betrayal, and guilt that keep the worries locked inside.


Turn what you know into cash. Your knowledge, experience, passion, skills, and hobbies can be transformed into a book, which becomes an additional income stream.

A well-known entrepreneur who was an architect in his past life was studying to take a certification that was needed in his profession. The company that sold the expensive certification book wrote it in a technical way that was difficult to grasp. This entrepreneur started learning the process and blogging about it in a way that he could learn. It turned out that other people were also able to learn from his posts. They asked him to write a book about his process.

People don’t hesitate to pay money for valuable information.


Use speaking engagements to grow your brand, services, or business.

You could write a business book and then have companies invite you to come speak and expand upon your ideas.

You could write a deeply personal book and be hired by groups, organizations, and churches to come deliver your message to those audiences.


When you write a book, especially if it is a memoir or one that shares family history or a story, you’ll leave a legacy and precious memories to family, friends, and strangers. Maybe writing about your grandparents will help someone else experience the love of a grandparent they never had. Maybe it will help them experience your rich culture.


You could write a short book and give it away as a lead generator to draw in clients to your business, allowing you to sell higher-ticket products and services.

A book attracts clients and customers to your business or service and is a way to amplify your message. Your book may include links to additional products and services offered.


Put your strong opinion and commentary into a book. Everybody has strong opinions on political parties, guns, women’s health issues, religion, climate change, and many other topics.

Do more than argue your opinion on social media; put your ideas together in a book.


Writing blog posts or articles is a great way to share your thoughts, but a book allows you to delve deeper into a topic.


Creativity from words can reignite a long-forgotten passion inside of you. A creative book shoots out doses of inspiration. When you unleash positive creativity into the world, you make it a happier place.


Writing a book is a dream for many, and few actions make you feel better about yourself than taking the time to complete something you’ve always wanted to do.

Books are the amazing

If you are the author of a book, then that makes you special. People can have many things, but many people can’t write a book.


You no longer need to spend years researching and writing a gigantic book that no one will read.

In modern times, people don’t carve out a lot of reading time and they read differently.

They read books on electronic devices, they read guides that break down bigger books, and they listen to audiobooks. Sure, there are book lovers like me and some of you reading this who will always carve out time to read a long novel. But when it pertains to nonfiction, people want to consume information quickly and efficiently.

And it’s easier than ever to write a book and give readers what they want.


Franki Kidd uses the pen name Frankie Johnnie. She is a seasoned writer’s writer – whatever that means. She blogs at Medium.

Let her mama tell it – since the age of four; she’s been writing. Well, she doesn’t remember any of her literary works from back then, but as early as she can remember she’s loved writing.
She is an online instructor at Skillshare and the author of Write a Book: Write Short Kindle Books: From Easy Outline To First Draft, To Finished, the Step-by-Step process 5x Templates



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