Essay writing is a complex task, and even more so if you are writing in ESL (English as a second language). Even native-English speakers need professional help to make sure their essays are in perfect condition. Few writers know how to get all the grammatical, stylistic and formatting rules right in their early drafts. The good news is that ESL editing is available to help ensure your essay not only meets the submission standards but is written clearly and concisely.

There are certain steps an ESL writer can take to ensure their essay is well structured and covers all the important points that need to be made before ESL editing. It is vital that your editor understands the basic points of your essay and your intentions so they can work correcting the details according to your writing goals. The best way to make sure your editor is well prepared to polish your work is to check your work and ensure it as clear as you can make it before your hire.

Steps Before ESL Editing

First, read through your essay several times, making notes about what information each paragraph covers and considering each paragraph one at a time. Think critically about whether it fits the overall piece and works within the logical flow of information. Every paragraph should convey important information. Cut any paragraphs or sentences that do not do not help reader understanding or that are repetitive.

Next, read your text out loud to yourself. This is not only beneficial to the finished product of your essay but helps alert you to general writing errors you make and may not have been aware of, such as awkward phrasing or stylistic problems. Listen carefully for repeated words or odd phrasing, or anything that doesn’t quite sound right to your ears. Think critically about each and every word and delete or rephrase as necessary. The focus should be on improving clarity for your readers by reducing wordiness and ambiguity. What’s more, reading your work aloud improves your essay as well as your mastery of the English language!

There are many online resources online that can help you double-check any tricky sentences or phrases you aren’t sure about. One great resource is, where you can find guides to many different academic styles as well as tips on citations and formatting, and answers to basic grammar questions.

Now that you are happy with the overall structure of your essay and have removed any ambiguous or unnecessary sentences and obvious typos, it is time to send your work to a professional editor. has many professional editors on hand who are experienced with ESL editing and know how to ensure your ESL essay is word-perfect. Don’t wait until after your submission to find out your essay was not the best it could be!

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