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Fiction Editing Essentials – The Full Editing Journey

Crafting a captivating novel is only half the battle. This webinar empowers writers with the essential tools to navigate the editing process, transforming their drafts into polished gems.  This session equips you with the knowledge to:

  • Master Self-Editing Techniques: Learn a proven system for identifying and eliminating common fiction pitfalls, from grammar gaffes to plot inconsistencies.
  • Know When and How to Go Pro: Discover when it’s time to bring in a professional editor and how to achieve that extra level of polish.
  • Discover What You Need: Explore the different levels of editing and when to implement the appropriate techniques
  • Demystify the Hiring Process: Gain valuable insights into finding the perfect editor who aligns with your voice and vision.
  • Work Effectively with Editors: Develop a smooth collaboration strategy to ensure a seamless and productive editing experience.
  • Pre-Submission Checklist: Uncover a list of final touches to ensure your manuscript is submission-ready and impresses agents or editors.

Join us and unlock the secrets to a successful fiction editing journey!


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