The following article discusses how FirstEditing proofreading service helped me perfect my manuscript. Although I’d been working on it for over three years, I was still being rejected by publishers quoting “it needs sharpening.” In less than a week, my professional editor at FirstEditing helped me put the finishing touches on my novel, and I am now a published author!

Are you tired of toiling over your manuscript for months on end and not getting the recognition from publishers you know you deserve? I was! Read on to find out how I used’s professional proofreading service to perfect my manuscript and become published!

After spending three years writing my autobiographical novel, I thought I had done all the right things. I showed it to family members, friends, and colleagues. I received feedback on structure and characterization. I even enlisted the help of my husband in helping me spot typographical errors that I’d missed during my zillion reviews of the text.

However, time after time, my query letters to publishers went unanswered or were responded to with the dreaded: “Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately…”

Many of these companies suggested “sharpening up” the piece to prepare it for publication. After I received a number of these comments, I decided to enlist the help of a book editor at to help me fine-tune the document. allowed me to choose exactly what I wanted to have worked on in my document. I didn’t want a major overhaul or rewording of the text, so I simply requested their professional proofreading service, which examines basic things like spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Within a week, my novel was returned to me with far more revisions than I had expected! No wonder publishers were turning me away! My novel was riddled with punctuation and grammar errors—errors that the average reader wouldn’t notice, but that acquisitions editors most certainly do!



I reviewed and accepted the changes from my editor, gave my novel a final read, and sent it off to five new publishing houses. Within two weeks, I received an email stating that one of the publishers was very eager to work with me on my novel. Six months later, I was officially a published author!

So it was as easy as that! Trust me… You may have to shell out a bit of cash in the short-term, but the day I became published was one of the best in my life. You won’t regret it! Good luck with your proofreading project and good luck becoming published!

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