With Kobo Writing Life, you are in charge of your writing,  you have complete control over your rights, prices, and promotions. They don’t require exclusivity, so you can publish wherever you choose.

In this episode, Tara from Kobo Writing Life joins JoEllen as they continue with this quartet interview together with Kristina and Lisa as she shares how you can control your own story with Kobo Life.

Tools Available in Kobo

The tools available through Kobo can help a writer actually publish their book.

When the writer is ready to publish with Kobo Writing Life, Kobo presuming that they’ve already gone through some of the wonderful tools that are available to people through this quartet, so they might be all well versed in using technology to help with their writing and as such Kobo try and focus their energy on making the publishing process and the bookselling site as easy as possible.

On Kobo Writing Life you can easily publish eBooks and Audiobooks very quickly to Kobo’s website, and given that Kobo has really a global reach Kobo let authors set the price in sixteen currencies which is really kinda important to make sure you’re making your book stand out in all of the areas of the world, and in terms of tools, Kobo also have a price promotion tools that let you set a promotion ahead of time, you set them and then just forget about them, you don’t have to worry about dropping your pricing on various different places.

The tool that is most popular with authors in Kobo is the Promotions Tab. It’s a unique tool that allows Kobo Writing Life authors to apply for prime promotional opportunities on Kobo. It’s a really great way for authors to reach Kobo’s Audience.

The Best Time to Set-up an Account in Kobo

When is the best time to set up your account with Kobo Writing Life?

I think you can sign up anytime honestly, I recommend really signing up, making an account, and just having a look around even if you’re not quite ready to publish yet, and just to see what tools are available to you, how to use it and how to best set up your book for its book launch.

If your book is still going through the editing process and you know it’s not quite ready still have a look around to see how you can mark your book and sell it at the end and if you’re really ready to publish and you’re looking for some advice on how to make a splash on Kobo. I would say or you can always email our dedicated author care team at writinglife@kobo.com and then they’ll help you out but I would create an account at any time and publish when you’re ready and when your book is ready.

Why do you need to Publish in Kobo?

Why is it important to publish on Kobo in addition to just sticking with amazon?

Kobo has customers in 119 countries in the world which I believe is all the country in the world or thereabout. If your book arent available to places outside Amazon, simple as your missing out on readers, you’re missing out on hitting up those people that maybe cant access books through amazon for whatever reason or people that prefer to purchase their book on Kobo.

We really encouraged if your publishing wide, meaning your publishing on multiple retail platforms to include Kobo in part of this, and at Kobo Writing Life we don’t ask exclusivity, in fact, we actually encouraged you to publish in as many places as possible, we want you to reach as many readers as possible, so however they want to read, so that what I would say is, it’s just  It’s all about getting your book into the hands as many readers possible.

If you gonna put time in to write that book it’s worth putting some time in to make sure your book goes as far and wide as possible and it must be harder to bubble up to the top on a place like Amazon whereas in Kobo, you know I think you can find your readers in different ways.

We can find a lot of people who are very successful and very happy with Kobo, so we do encourage you to go there, and again we’re going to put some links below here so please follow us and learn a little bit more about Kobo Writing Life. Check out their blog, there’s a lot of great info there and if you have any questions be sure to reach out to us were all here. We’d love to talk to you one on one.



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