The activity of reading is a solitary activity, as opposed to storytelling in groups, when we express our thoughts, experiences, and interpretations of stories to others, whether with family, friends, colleagues, or peers.

For those of us with a desire to learn more about books and literature, a book club is a fantastic way to improve upon knowledge through the sharing of opinions and ideas. Attending a book club could also help in developing valuable life skills that include critical thinking, and the ability to give constructive feedback in a group setting.

This text will provide some ideas to help you find a book club. I believe you can find one in almost any populated area, or even online (always be cautious when interacting with people, whether in person or online, of course).

A great resource that is often taken for granted is your local library. There is usually a host of courses that people can sign up for, including book clubs. There are usually many types of clubs on offer, including those dedicated to specific genres or age groups.

A library is a great source of free educational material. Not only are books on offer, but also magazines, computers, and desk spaces where you can spend your time writing your works. Or like me, editing documents in the calm environment that only a public library can offer!

How to Find a Book Club

Local bookshops are also a good idea to visit. In many cities, there is a diversity of bookshops, including secondhand bookshops, chain stores, or independent shops. From my experience, I find independent bookshops to be interesting and diverse in their subject matter. They also may hold events in the form of meetings, clubs, or presentations. On the other hand, secondhand bookshops are also worth a visit, as there are always a host of literary gems to uncover!

If you’re a student, a prominent location would be your institution’s English department. Ask one of the staff members if there are any clubs that hold regular meetings. You can also check the notice boards dotted around your campus, or visit the on-campus library to find all the information you need.

Failing the above points, start your own club! Simply post adverts in the relevant locations, for example, libraries, colleges, and bookshops. Another good alternative is to make use of social networking apps such as Meetup. It enables you to search for groups of particular interest in your local area, wherever you are in the world. This option is great if you have just moved to a city and are interested in meeting new people.

To conclude, group activities are a good way to gain confidence, share ideas, and learn from being around different people in the physical world. A book club is a great way to develop these skills, and also improve your literary knowledge.

I wish you the best of luck in your quest to find a good book club!

Originally posted 11/5/2015 and happily updated 10/27/2017. Thanks for reading!


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