You’ve written the next great bestseller. You’re not sure if you’re ready for anyone to read it yet. You’ve labored so many hours writing this masterpiece. In the back of your mind is that nagging feeling, however, that it wouldn’t hurt to have another pair of eyes look over your book. After all, you want it to be as professional and perfect as possible.

So, how do you know when you need professional proofreading help? You know you do because you’re human!

EVERYONE needs help from an outside source to look over his or her writing. It’s just a simple fact. There are errors you will have missed. First and foremost, when you’re writing your project, you’re not focused on all the nit-picky details. You’re focused on the “story” of your book.


Whenever a writer is working on a lengthy project, there will be errors and inconsistencies that are overlooked. It’s simply the law of averages. When you’re working on your writing project, you want to keep your focus on the story you are putting down on paper. Whether it’s the story of a fictional character, the biographical story of a historical figure, or the motivational story of a non-fiction text, your focus won’t always be on the correct placement of commas and whether you need to use “since” or “because” in a sentence. And it shouldn’t be!

Leave the “heavy-lifting” work to a professional! Rely on the services of an editor to proofread your work, and you’ll know that your book appears as professional and polished as possible.

And isn’t a polished and error-free text going to be the one most likely published? Of course it is!

If you’ve devoted all your time and energy to creating this story, putting it down on paper and revising it, then refining it to ensure that it all fits together is the next step. Why not also make the investment to seek help from a professional editing service?

You Need Proofreading Help

Authors are often concerned about having their work edited or proofread, but they shouldn’t be! One common misconception among writers is that an editor or proofreader is there only to tell the writer what is “wrong” with their project. That can be hard on anyone’s pride! While it is the number one priority of an editor to point out and correct mistakes, they also can provide valuable feedback and positive reinforcement. A professional editor has experience reviewing all sorts of writing projects, and he or she can provide you services based on those years of experience.

Don’t you owe it to your book to take advantage of that kind of experience and expert service? After all, there’s not a writer in existence who doesn’t need another set of eyes following along behind them. It’s the writer’s job to tell the story, and it’s the editor’s job to make sure the story is told clearly.

So don’t ask yourself “if” you need the project proofread, just figure out when and how to get the help you need!

Originally posted 9/14/2010 and happily updated 10/26/2017. Thanks for reading!

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