Your dissertation is almost ready. All these months and years of hard work are nearly over, but you need someone to check it over for that final peace of mind. You need dissertation proofreading help from a professional editor who will proofread your document.

It is time to eradicate all those minor mistakes that your eyes can’t pick up anymore.

Once you send in your document to a dissertation editor, they will check all the basics for you.

  • Does it conform to the school’s guidelines?
  • Is it in the correct format?
  • Do you have properly cited references (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)?
  • Do your Table of Contents page numbers and titles match?
  • Are the titles listed correctly?
  • Is the spelling and grammar correct?
  • Can you change passive to active (but only where necessary and where it sounds better)?
  • Can you rewrite sentences where necessary?

These are all items that need checking. However, since you’ve been writing and re-writing this text for months, sometimes you just don’t spot the errors anymore.

Dissertation Proofreading Help

Several online resources are available that can assist you with this. The most obvious tool is the spell-checker in the software you use. Once you’ve written a small piece, just apply the spell-checker. You’ll be surprised at just how many words it catches.

Visit the websites and MLA. These sites are just a couple of the many useful references available. I use both of these, along with others to help me with formatting issues when I’m unsure if something is entirely correct. As professional editors, we need to use as many resources as possible to ensure that we can help you with your dissertation problems.

If you still think it’s too much for you or you’ve just had enough, let an online dissertation editor take that stress away for you. They will proofread your dissertation and ensure that it fulfills all the right criteria, from formatting and referencing, to sentence structure and table/figure captions.

Academic editors will use the information supplied by you (reference style, in-school guides, etc.) to give your dissertation the final read-through with fresh eyes.

Our dissertation editors here at are all experienced in proofreading dissertations and have many years of experience in doing so. We’d love to help you with your dissertation worries and problems – that’s why we’re here!

Originally posted 8/27/2010 and happily updated 11/15/2017. Thanks for reading!

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