Need proofreading help? The most notable writing out there is writing that is clear, easy to understand, and engaging. If you’re a writer with great ideas, you have the “engaging” part down! But the “clear” and “easy to understand” parts are sometimes a bit trickier. So, how do you take your writing from something you’re proud of to something that others will want to brag about? With the help of a professional editor, of course!

A professional editor can bring polish and clarity to your work, bringing the entertaining and exciting ideas you’ve written to the next level. With an editor on your team, you can take your writing game much further, much faster!

A professional editor can quickly determine what in your writing needs attention. The editor provides writing help you didn’t even realize was missing through his or her attention to detail and wealth of experience. It’s not a writer’s job to know every grammar and punctuation rule—that’s what editors are for!

Need Proofreading Help?

What does an editor do? An editor provides basic proofreading and copy editing needs. Essentially, an editor will seek out punctuation and grammar errors that inevitably creep their way into even the strongest writer’s work. The Chicago Manual of Style dedicates sixteen rules (across twelve pages!) to the comma alone. Why should you need to know all those rules? How can you possibly keep those in mind while focusing on your writing? Well, you don’t have to. Leave it to your editor to know the rules and apply them appropriately to your writing.

Have you ever wondered what all those best-selling authors have that you don’t? One thing for certain that they have on their side is a great editor. It’s safe to say that not a single good book you’ll read was published without a review by at least one editor.

Your goal as a writer is to appear professional and have your work submitted for publication without errors. The best thing you can do for yourself and your writing is enlist the help of a professional editor. When you’re focused on your next writing project, do you want to be concerned with proper grammar? Or do you want to be focusing on your characters and story? Let an editor concentrate on the details of punctuation and syntax while you focus on telling the story you need to tell. Doing so will lead to writing that others will be talking about (in a good way)!

Originally Posted 11/19/2010 and happily updated 11/15/2017. Thanks for reading!

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