Objects of Fiction Writing – Watch a film without props or a backdrop, and you’d probably get confused or bored. You’d be watching actors on an empty stage, which would make it harder to believe what they’re trying to portray. Making some of those mistakes using the reader’s imagination might get your story for naught. Clarity means a lot when using the objects.

Whether you’re a fiction writer or professional editor, this series is for you, entitled – Objects of Fiction Writing!

Is your client using objects of fiction writing effectively? If not yet, then let us walk you through everything that will help you with getting your story straight out of all the facts available and how you can potentially use this object in your narrative. Great tips and analysis are made by our master editors, JoEllen, and Kristina from Fictionary.

Discover how to use the element “Objects” in a fiction story and learn how you can improve your writing now. Get the best out of your story so as not to confuse your reader with everything else.

Listen, learn, and share this knowledge from the experts to the writer’s community today. Be as one with getting all the writing recipes right and get your story cooking.

Get the FULL 38 Story Elements Educational Series. We release a new episode each week!

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Transcript with Kristina Stanley


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