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Are you done with self-editing? Take the advantage of using a professional editor to get your manuscript ready for publishing. Scroll down to read more about our academic editing services.

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Professional Academic English Editing Services

Professional Academic English Editors
You get a team of professional and methodical academic editors working behind-the-scenes to help you succeed.
Your personal Academic English Editor has experience in the entire academic review process. Your editor will prepare you to submit your research correctly and with confidence.
Think of it as a pre-review before you publicly submit your document to other reviewers and peers.
You focus on the details while your academic editor checks the correctness of your citations, support statements, English grammar, and more.

What type of Academic Editing do you need?

Proud American-Owned and Operated Editing Company

We hire only vetted, professional Academic Editors who speak proven international American and British Academic English. We are careful in our hiring process. We absolutely GUARANTEE your satisfaction.
Many editing companies claim that all of their editors are native English speakers. They often include a U.S. address on their website. In reality, other editing companies operate in Asian countries where the English is not coherent or the true native language. Their editors are not ideal for you because of their local English dialect influences.
Do not hire an Academic Editor whose English is not their native language at home, school, and work. This often leads to introducing errors that change your intended meaning.
English mistakes prevent your work from being accepted by journal editors and can embarrass or damage your reputation.

Avoid this risk by choosing First Editing – an editing company based in the United States with editors who live and work in countries where English is the first and primary language.

Real Native Professional English Editors
FirstEditing operates within the United States and we guarantee that 100% of our editing services. Our editors are native English speakers who live and work in the U.S., Canada, Australia or the UK.

Please contact us if you are not sure where another editing company operates. We would be happy to tell you where our competitors are actually located.


Research Editing

Benefit from a substantive or high impact editing service for your research paper. It will help to get your manuscript published!

Serving Universities Worldwide

FirstEditing has been serving researchers from universities and colleges all over the world.







Affordable Academic Editor Rates

With over a decade of successful academic editing online, our academic editing rates are affordable, fair, and competitive without sacrificing quality.
Thousands of university students and faculty have chosen our academic editorial services.


Editing Services

Get a free editing sample outlining areas you need to fix before submitting your proposal or paper. Get a professional editor!

Secure and confidential academic editorial services you can trust.

First Editing does NOT sell, transfer, or share ANY author information or research with ANY other party.

Our contact forms are on secure/SSL servers and all research reviewed by our academic editors remain the intellectual property of you, the original author.
Should you require a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we will happily sign yours. Fax your NDA form to +1 (866) 447-1384.


Research Editing

Benefit from a substantive or high impact editing service for your research paper. It will help to get your manuscript published!

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