Jurisdiction Terminiated

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I've finished reviewing the manuscript from Dr. Marion. Excellent job! I enjoyed her comments. I'm very pleased.

A short introduction

An original crime novel involving the juvenile justice delinquency system from a true insider's viewpoint. The honest private thoughts of an experienced juvenile court judge are revealed, the various participants are exposed, and you'll witness what occurs in actual juvenile court proceedings that are closed to public scrutiny. When the Head of a major Los Angeles County official dies from a methamphetamine overdose, the curiosity of the judge lures him deeper into the maze of intrigue only to discover an insidious North Korean drug cartel's plot to distribute drugs to the young troubled children confined in probation camps and juvenile halls. Along the way the judge and his deputy district attorney, with the help of a tech savvy DEA agent, kidnap and torture a Korean gang member, spy on the cartel, and ultimately discover betrayal at the highest level of our justice system. You're sure to find this book action-packed, eye-opening, thought-provoking, well-written and an enjoyable read while you enter into an arena, juvenile justice, rarely explored in fiction today.

Author: Jack

Marc Debbaudt: Marc graduated Loyola law school located in Los Angeles, in 1983 and passed the bar exam as well in that year. He was a deputy public defender from January 1986 to April 1989 and later joined the district attorneys office and has been employed as a deputy district attorney ever since. He continues to be employed in that capacity. He served in the Sex Crimes and child abuse division, the training division, the ACT program (Abolish Chronic Truancy) where he served as the Deputy in charge and later served in the hard core gang division. He later became a deputy in charge at San Fernando Court and has traveled from there to Pomona Juvenile Court, Sylmar Juvenile Court and is now back at the Pasadena court as calendar deputy. At the present time, he is the president of the ADDA (Association of Deputy district Attorneys). After 30 years as a Juvenile court Judge, I thought I had seen it all.

The good Lawyers, the clumsy Lawyers, the wacko Lawyers it was a trip, those 30 years. I had seen every type of case and handled every type of crime you can imagine.I spent 12 years as a private criminal defense Lawyer myself, before getting to the bench. It was during my stint at Sylmar Juvenile court that I met Marc Debbaudt. He was my Prosecutor and presented the cases filed by the District Attorneys Office. Something funny however, Marc was more than knowledgeable, he was reasonable and as is the case, he was transferred away after a year in my court. We kept up contact. I saw some amazing artwork by Matty Debbaudt,Marcs son, who had graduated art school and is creating amazing artwork. We decided to co-write this book, Jurisdiction Terminated, after the folly of what we do and the puffed up intents of the board of supervisors and bureaucratic baloney of upper management Judges, downtown. This is after all, Los Angeles the size of many small courts and the population of over ten million people from all walks of life. The criminal underbelly of Los angeles cannot and is not duplicated in any other city or county in the world. Today, they are diminishing the things that can be done to punish these juveniles and gang members as the pendulum has swung all the way to the left. I am neither a right winger nor a left winger but I understand the need to be able to show these Juveniles that there are consequences for their actions and presently I'm seeing more and more that some people think that we can correct these kids with only talking. Unbelievable. We've been able to bottle up some of these things in our first book which has been received favorably by our readers and are now work on our second book. I can go on forever about the present and previous states of the criminal vs the public. As Marc stated in a radio interview, "For every advance in Criminal Justice, another innocent citizen become a crime victim." Rich meaty stuff for the book and from where we learned how to present in more meaningful ways. Every scenario in the book is from a real life situation that we have handled in one way or the other. Mixed in with some fictional characters, I've been told by some of our readers that "It sounds like you guys are speaking directly to us." Well folks, its nice to meet you and we are speaking to you. Your comments to us after reading some of our work is essential, we've worked hard to try and keep the peace and do justice and as well, we've worked hard to entertain you.

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