Foreshadow: Trapped in Her Own Mind

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Author’s review

The free sample idea as well as the editor's comments were wonderful. Wouldn't have published my book without them!

A short introduction

Meghan is about to take on high school, and she's pretty pumped about it.rnrnLike any high schooler, she's got to deal with a sour teacher, new-student diva, and balance her priorities. Nothing Meghan can't handle.rnrnBut when a nearly lethal lab accident leaves her with a permanent change, the new school year doesn't look so bright after all.


Leena Althekair was born and raised in KSA, and had a passion for writing since she was nine. Six years later, her debut novel, Foreshadow, is published, and her lifelong dream - as short as her life is - has become a reality. She has spoken at the National Cultural Forum and sold more than 150 units in her school alone. "It's never too early to start chasing your dreams." -Leena, February 12th, 2018.

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