Kids Get The Power

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Author’s review

I had my work edited twice before I came to FirstEditing. Then I counted 450 when I stopped because there were so many more mistakes of corrections coming up.

WOW to my friend Peter. And thank you Peter for giving me an OK and your good words towards my book.

I feel very much like I finally made it with my book. I feel I can take it to the world and it would be accepted and well written.

Thanks FirstEditing for your services and it was done extremely fast.

FirstEditing, I have two more books to send to you. The Garment of Glory and Put on Christ.

Soon as I sell my Kids Get The Power, I'll be back for the other two.

A short introduction

Its about hopefully putting the Substance of faith into the heart and minds and to Empower youth, building a better person bringing forth a society with leaders of great hope for all of us.

Helping youth to build a resistance against: alcohol, drugs, suicide.

Showing that the fruit of their doing will come back and either bite them or bless them in the area's of what they think, say and do.

Author: Tom

I have spent thirty eight years walking with the Lord, learning about His mystery's, powers, secrets, wisdom and His Glory.

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