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Our team of experienced PhD editors helps thousands of authors from top-tier universities and research institutes publish their work in high-impact journals.

Subject Areas and Journal Publication Experience

FirstEditing’s team has a broad range of expertise in hundreds of scientific and academic disciplines, some of which are listed below. We assign your editing to a trained and vetted editor within your discipline. (Unlike most editing companies, we do not post your work on a community board for hundreds of random freelance editors to grab.)

Get Professional Recommendations from Subject Matter Experts

Our Subject Matter Experts help you select one or more target journals. You also receive a report that ranks the journal(s) and explains how they evaluate submitted manuscripts. This helps you overcome the threshold.
As part of your pre-submission process, our editors provide professional recommendations which significantly increase the production value of your work, such as:
Most times, following an evaluation of your submission, journal reviewers issue a conditional approval that requires you to address certain issues.
In such cases, FirstEditing’s experts specialize in responding to such difficult comments and questions from journal reviewers. This personalized service significantly increases your chances of receiving final approval for publication.

FirstEditing Differentiates Itself in a Number of Important Ways


Technical Copy Editing

Order a Technical Edit as your LAST REVISION before submitting publicly or distributing your manuscript.

  • Technical Copy Editing is your ideal choice during the final revisions of your research. We recommend this only if you are fluent in the English language.
  • Your Technical Copy Editor corrects your grammar and improves the organization, style, readability and tone of your manuscript.


Academic English Editing

Order an advanced edit to get professional FEEDBACK for your revision. This allows you to rework your English grammar and text successfully.

  • Academic English Editing is your ideal choicewhen you need in-depth help with technical English language and academic research writing. We recommend this if you are not fluent in the English language or struggle with technical presentations.
  • Your Academic English Editor corrects your overall technical composition and presentation to improve the readability of your manuscript.


Substantive Content Editing

Order the Substantive Content Edit when you need a Subject Matter Expert, research feedback, and professional guidance on overall concept, presentation, and submission.

  • Substantive Content Editing is your ideal choicewhen you need a Subject Matter Expert for academic evaluation and professional guidance regarding overall concept and presentation in Academic English.
  • This level is necessary for ESL authors with limited English language proficiency and authors determined to publish successfully.
Most Popular


Publishing Package

Order the Impact Publishing Package with a developmental edit if you are looking for research collaboration, consultation & coordination for high impact results.

  • Developmental Editing is the most comprehensive editing service for researchers and academically publishing authors.
  • You receive consultation with a qualified subject matter expertand technical editor early in your writing process to create a higher impact with your research.
  • Multi-Round Edits and Final Proofread before submission included!

What Is a Story Coach?

After you have decided which level of editing suits your needs, and you have determined whether any added services are necessary, it is time to proceed. There are three simple options to consider:
Request a Free Sample – If you have never placed an order with FirstEditing, request a free sample so you can evaluate the quality of your editor before you submit the manuscript for the full edit.
Get an Instant Quote – If cost is a concern, then it is very simple to get an instant quote by providing the word count of your document, the type of document, and the type of service you want.
Place an Order – Finally, after you have found the quality and the terms acceptable, it is time to place your order

Global Reach Initiative: Serving Clients Worldwide

FirstEditing’s Global Reach Initiative began in 2008 with the primary mission of identifying emerging research “hotspots” outside the United States, Canada, and Europe. Over the past 12 years, we have expanded our collaborations with researchers from 14 to 76 countries, and we are now active on 5 continents, including regions of the world currently undergoing dramatic changes socially, economically, and culturally.
We take great pride in our collaborations with analysts who are just beginning their research endeavors, besides our more experienced clients. We proudly assist those seeking to enhance their careers. It is essential to focus on publication in high-impact Q1 journals consistently. Whether you are just getting started down the research path or you have been involved in it for decades, our editors and publication support team can provide the support necessary to accomplish your goals.

Global Reach Highlights

  • Total Continents: 5
  • Total Countries: 76
  • University and Other Research Institutes: 6,700
  • Research Clients Since 1994: Over 25,000
  • Published Articles and Papers: Over 14,800
  • International Client Reorder Rate: 84%

Returning Clients' Reviews

“Very professional and close attention to details.”
Takashi, Tokyo, Japan.

“FirstEditing is the only company that allows me to email directly with my editor when I have questions. This makes everything much easier, and the response is very fast.”
Fatima, Sharjah, U.A.E.

“I used the same editor for my last 9 journal articles because he writes the best cover letters to the journal. This has made a huge difference!”
Justin, Denver, CO

“I order English editing because my writing is not perfect.  I was very pleased with the revisions, and I will use same editor again for my future work.”
Cheng, Guangzhou, China

“The quality of work and feedback were excellent!”
Abigail, Cambridge, UK

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