You’ve written your essay, so what now? Is it good enough to submit, or should you send it to an essay editing service to polish it further?

Well, let’s hit pause and consider what a professional editor brings to the table.

Essay editing service

All of us want our work to stand out from the crowd, be it a college application, an English assignment, or some other submission. But none of us are truly objective about our own work to know how and where it needs improvement, nor have we read hundreds of other essays to see how our writing compares.

Editing and proofreading services are objective and their editors are highly skilled and experienced. They can not only remove grammatical errors, but improve awkward language and the flow and presentation of your ideas.

Ultimately, when you want the best, you always seek professional advice. When it comes to your essay, it should be no different. An essay editing service can step in and make or suggest the much-needed changes your work requires. They can make all the difference.

Why pay for an editor?

While it’s possible to improve your essay with the help of a computer spellcheck or an online grammar checker, this does not compare to what real, human eyes bring to your document. The nuances of language, phrasing, and context are best picked up by people skilled to do so.

There is also no substitute for what a person that looks at essays all day can offer you compared to a family member, a friend, a teacher, or fellow student. These people may be well meaning, but essay editors are trained in their craft. It’s what they do. Think of them as a guide to lead you past the perils and pitfalls that might be present in your work that others might miss.

And the return on your investment can be huge. It could be the difference between getting into college, getting the job you wanted, a commendation on your research or work, a job raise, or the esteem of your peers.

What do editing and proofreading include, and what’s the difference?

editing services

There is a difference between the two, and the simple answer is that editing goes far beyond proofreading. The latter covers the basics of spelling, punctuation, tenses, and grammar and is useful for confident writers that are really satisfied with their document.

While proofreading is important and will polish your work, editing looks at the organization of your essay, the word choice options, sentence flow, the style and tone of your work, and the presentation of ideas.

Editing services may look at ways to reduce the word count by presenting your ideas more concisely, removing redundancies, or providing rewriting options to tighten the sentences.

How much do they edit?

Editing services usually offer levels of service, depending on the budget you are willing to pay and what is required in your work. Non-English speakers may need additional assistance, or more complex essays may require more in-depth services. Whereas, confident writers may just want a second set of eyes to pick up minor issues they’ve missed.

However, if you can pay for additional services like a critique or formatting, you will get even more insights and feedback on your work. Editing and proofreading are usually paid per word.

When should I engage an essay editing service?

When you have done all you can on your essay, given it to friends or family to provide input, read it aloud until you’re hoarse, and have looked at it so much you’re bored with it, it’s time to get a professional in.

How do I choose an essay editing service?

There are many options available on the internet today. Do your homework and read their reviews, check out their services, and ask for a free editing sample for an idea of what they provide.

You can also ask around and see what professional services others may have used. If you’re submitting an essay to college, it’s likely your fellow students are going through the same process. Forums are also a good place to seek advice as well.

Editing is an excellent investment of your time and resources. To safeguard your work and get as much leg up over your peers as you can, consider an essay editing service.