Whether you’re a great writer or one who struggles, it is always important to improve your skills and take your writing to the next level. There are three proven strategies to essay writing that you can use to get ahead.

First, pre-planning and brainstorming are essential. Some people can write an excellent article in one sitting or on the spot with a time limit. However, most GREAT essays take some time. Research your topic and write down or record any useful notes and facts. Plan out the order in which you will present your ideas in writing. It is not enough to just have a topic; it is equally necessary to have a logical organization and presentation.

Secondly, streamlining your text can take a mediocre essay to a higher level. Simplifying your sentences and using correct grammar and structure can make your essay easier and more fun to read. It can make it more comprehensible and more stylistically appealing. Some people call those who have mastered these skills “professionals” or “naturally talented.” However, anyone can become a skilled writer, with practice. Rewrite one of your old essays and see how much you can improve it. Remove any unnecessary words or phrases, and try changing the passive voice to an active voice. Include more visual imagery or explanation. It is also great to utilize creative writing techniques to balance out the academic content of your essay, especially if you’re writing your essay for a magazine or website.

Strategies for Outstanding Essays

Finally, a surefire way to improve your article is to hire a professional editor to go over your work. He or she will correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typos. You as the writer of your work are unlikely to catch ALL the errors, and your word processing software’s spell/grammar check is no genius. At the very least, have a friend or colleague read and review your essay, and then revise accordingly.

The advantage of using a professional editor comes in handy for those long projects, such as your college essays, a journal or newsletter article, a magazine or website article, or an outstanding academic or work-related presentation. Editing can also improve your essay’s overall clarity, format, organization, and even content and style. If you’re ever in a hurry and you don’t have time to utilize the first two strategies, a professional touch can potentially make up for both.

So whether your goal is to become a better writer or only to turn in or submit better essays, these three strategies will give you results. Often, all it takes to turn a good idea into an excellent piece is a little time. Fortunately, if you don’t have the time, you can still improve your essay by hiring a professional editor.

Originally posted 4/10/2009 and happily updated 10/29/2017. Thanks for reading!

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