Everyone has it in him or her to write a novel, yet so many people don’t bother. Why not tell your story? There are so many excuses, like, “I’m not a good writer.” Or, “I don’t have the time.” Well, we can suggest that you set aside a small period every day to write. Whether it’s on your lunch hour, after the kids go to bed, or early morning before you go to work or your day starts. We can even be helpful with the first excuse, “I’m not a good writer.” You don’t need to be a good writer to write a book! All you need is an idea and the drive to get it done. This article will reveal the five most misspelled words from novice writers, so you can keep these in mind when beginning to write.

Top Five Commonly Misspelled Words from Novice Writers

The beauty of writing your fiction masterpiece in today’s day and age is the technology available to today’s writer. You have grammar check and spell-check! The budding author can correct close to 75 percent of his or her mistakes that way. Let’s discuss the top five spelling errors that aspiring authors make (and that your spell-check often will miss, because they’re all words!).

Your and you’re: Your is possessive and about a person, while you’re is a contraction that means “you are.”

There/their/they’re: There is a location, their is possessive and about people, and they’re is a contraction that means, “they are.”

Ensure/Insure: To insure refers to insurance, while to ensure is to make certain.

Two/to/too: Two is the number between one and three. To is a preposition that signals direction, and too can be a substitute for also or in addition, and also can mean an excessive amount.

Forth/fourth: Forth is a direction, while fourth is the number between third and fifth.

No excuses! Yes, we’re talking to you. This is great writing help for authors! Keep an eye out for these basic spelling mistakes as you write and edit your first manuscript, and then enlist the help of a trusted, reputable editing company (such as FirstEditing.com) to take you the rest of the way home. Their editors will edit your manuscript and help you get ready to publish. Why are you waiting? Go forth and write!

Originally posted 7/30/2015 and happily updated 10/28/2017. Thanks for reading!

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