The following article discusses what a professional editing company can do for an ESL student or a non-native English speaker faced with the task of writing an English paper. First, recognize the fact that it’s virtually impossible to fake native English writing. Second, hire a professional editing company to help you choose the right words and make your writing sound as natural as possible.

Are you an ESL student studying at an American, Canadian, or Australian university? Or perhaps you are taking an English course at a university in your home country? Either way, you have probably been met with some frustration when writing English papers. Not only are you unsure of all the spelling, grammar, and vocabulary, but you are also worried about whether certain phrases you’ve used sound obviously “non-native.” I can help! Having worked with both, I know non-native speakers and ESL students editing papers can face many difficulties. Follow the steps outlined below, and you’ll be on your way to a first-class English paper in no time flat!

First, no matter how comfortable ESL students become with English, it is virtually impossible to fake native English. This is because native English speakers have had a lifetime of experience to determine exactly which word is “just right” in a certain sentence and which words are just plain wrong. We are also able to use idioms and clichés in a way that economize the English language and really send the message that we intended to get across. For example, in the first paragraph above, I used the idiom “no time flat.” We are not talking about smooth or horizontal time… No, “no time flat” means “in a very short period of time.” However, native English speakers often use this phrase because it’s quicker and you don’t really have to think about it. When an essay is completely devoid of these obviously “native” English phrases, this can be a red flag that it has been written by an ESL student.

A professional editing company will check to make sure that you always use the PERFECT word in all of your sentences. ESL students have a tendency to overuse certain words due to their limited vocabulary; however, a professional editor will help you by providing synonyms and boosting the variety of vocabulary in your English papers.

Following a thorough review of your paper, a professional editing company will provide feedback regarding areas that sound odd or “non-native.” For example, your editor will change awkward phrasing or sentences into natural sounding English constructions. Editors have a natural knack for not only being able to understand what non-native writers are trying to convey, but also being able to re-word it in such a way that anyone would be able to understand it.

So, if you’re not 100 percent confident about writing English papers and feel you could use some help, why not try hiring a professional editing company? They’ll help to check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but they’ll do so much more than that! They’ll help you choose the PERFECT word every time and make sure all of your paragraphs sound completely natural! After all, it should be your brilliant ideas that shine through, not the fact that you’re grappling with one of most difficult-to-learn languages in history! Good luck and happy writing!

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