You’ve just completed a book that you are truly proud of, and, upon careful consideration, have decided that self-publishing would be the best way to proceed in bringing it out to your readers. This is increasingly becoming a path authors are opting for, and for a number of good reasons. For example, some authors are well aware that their book would appeal to a restricted audience or a specialized market. Other authors opt for self-publishing, as that limits their financial investment in their project. Still, other authors choose this path as they wish to have more control of their project, from retaining the copyright, to design of their book cover, use of fonts etc. There are endless reasons for why customers might decide to self-publish, above are just some examples. By self-publishing, authors can usually make a decision on precisely what is included in their book, not to mention what isn’t. They will also have far greater input into graphic and artistic aspects of the book, including the cover and illustrations.

Owing to the widespread use and availability of the internet, many authors are finding that, nowadays, it is easier than ever to self-publish. If that is the path you have decided to take, you will find a range of available methods to self-publish using the internet or a range of publishers specializing in that kind of enterprise. However, self-publishing might not be for everyone and writers must be willing to devote the time and energy to research all the feasible options before making what could be a crucial decision that would affect the outcome of their writing endeavors.

Before deciding to self-publish or to publish with a printing company, there are a number of important factors to consider. Authors should think about what type of audience is likely to be interested in their book. Will their work have widespread appeal? Have they written on a very specific topic, but within a popular genre? Will interest in their book likely be restricted to a rather limited geographic area or a extremely specialized field or organization? Does their book have the potential to reach and influence a large number of readers? What is the scope and nature of the market for their book?

These are all very important aspects worth considering prior to reaching a decision on whether to self-publish or not. Writers should also consider the costs and rewards stemming from their decision and use all available resources and information to come to a final decision. Reference books, such as the current edition of Writer’s Marketplace, which experts claim is published annually, are excellent sources of information that will help an author come to a decision based on the latest market trends. It’s important to note that several successful (both in terms of book sales and profit) authors have chosen to self-publish, including Virginia Woolf and William Blake.

Everyone attempting to publish their work will find that it is worth having their manuscript carefully corrected by a professional editor. This is particularly true if self-publishing is your chosen path. As you will have to do most of the work related to your book yourself, it is wise to take advantage by utilizing an objective specialist editor to edit and critique your work. Unlike sending your book to a reputable publishing company that does most or all the work for you, such as manuscript proofreading, if you are self-publishing, you are responsible for ensuring that your manuscript is presented perfectly. Thus, it is prudent to request services of a specialist editing service, such as, to do that for you.

At, we have editors who can copyedit and proofread any type of manuscript.

We offer all levels of editing, starting from Standard Editing, which will ensure that all grammatical and writing errors are corrected and Technical Editing that is best suited for academic materials. At the higher end, we also offer Content and Executive Content Editing, which will give the author not only the benefit of the corrections provided by Standard Editing, but will also offer writing tips and ideas as well as an expert, objective critique. Authors will find that deciding on the appropriate form of editing solutions to meet their needs will be an important choice, just as important as the choice of whether to self-publish or not. Outsourcing your editing requirements to us will prove to be an excellent decision, considering that we can make your book ready to print at a cost of only pennies per word or a couple of dollars per page. We also offer a guarantee with all our work, making sure that you are going to be satisfied with our services, as are thousands of our clients.

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