The scientific community is large and very active. Publishing research results in peer-reviewed journals is the best way to communicate your results to a wide audience. However, as most internationally classified journals are published in the English language, the scientists for whom English is not the first language may struggle presenting their work in the best possible form. That is where help from a professional editor is essential. Finding an editor for a scientific paper, or one most suited for your work, is not an easy task. Many editing services advertising online do not specialize in scientific writing; their editors might be unfamiliar with requirements of journal publishing (writing abstracts, papers structure, contents of each section, etc.), or specific formatting requirements (heading types, citation and referencing style, use of running heads, etc.). Most importantly, is it likely that they would be familiar with your research subject?

The answer is probably not very. That is why it is paramount to find the editing services that specialize in academic writing where your paper will be reviewed by an editor with significant research and academic publishing experience in a field most closely matching yours. Hence, if you are reading this, you are in the right place, as caters to the needs of all writers, irrespective of their genre, language proficiency, or type of document. More specifically, research papers are always closely matched to editors with PhDs and years of academic experience. Editing samples will allow you to assess the editing style and work of a particular editor, but will also help your editor advise you on the required editing level – ranging from correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency and appropriateness of verb tenses, continuity, transitional phrasing and support of statements; through technical editing of citations, references, and footnotes according to a particular style (e.g., Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago, etc); to more advanced levels that allow for supplementary sentence and content rewrites.

Whether you are an English-speaking scientist who just wants a second pair of eyes on their paper for peace of mind, or you are in need of help with presenting your work through a proper use of language, we are here to meet all your needs. All scientific papers are edited whilst keeping the requirements of publication writing in mind. Higher editing levels also include professional comments and feedback regarding writing style, general impressions on the work presented, and suggestions for improvement. This is where the specialist help really pays off, as your editor will be able to not only comment on your writing, but on the subject as well. Thus, your work will most likely encounter fewer objections from the referees and will be published successfully.

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