Novel editing is a service that can assist an author who wants to improve a work of fiction. Perhaps your story is intriguing and creative, but your analytical skills are lacking. Or maybe you just aren’t sure about punctuation or consistency. Professional editors can help make your writing stand out among other manuscripts. Content editing can even improve the composition beyond simple grammatical issues and take your work to the next level. Even proofreading can significantly improve a mediocre novel.

In addition to correcting or changing wrong words and phrases, professional editors provide helpful feedback on the story and the writing.

Improve a Work of Fiction

Authors may also ask their editors questions after the editing is complete if more clarification is necessary. Often, this can provide the clarity needed to revise your work further. If you plan to submit your novel manuscript to potential publishers or agents, it is essential to provide them with a professionally edited manuscript. Grammatical errors and improper format in a document are necessary things that get many authors of fiction rejected. Many agents or publishers will not read a script riddled with errors. Even if you plan to self-publish, it is important to have a grammatically sound piece of work that is clear, correct, and appealing to readers.

To be a professional author means having editors help you. Even if you are already an expert when it comes to grammar and composition, the second pair of eyes with a fresh outlook can point out the nuances you might have overlooked. A professional also knows what is and is not marketable or compelling fiction. The professional editors at provide this valuable service, in addition to many other services designed to help a variety of writers of both fiction and non-fiction. Visit for more information about services for writers.

Originally posted 10/10/2010 and happily updated 10/27/2017. Thanks for reading!

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