Whether you’ve completed your novel or are halfway through, you might be thinking about hiring an editor. You might choose to have the editor work with you as you move along in your fiction or non-fiction work. Or you might decide to wait until it’s complete. Either way, certain things can help you decide which way to go when doing your editorial search.

Editors honestly can run the gamut. Some are strictly copy editors, who work on things such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Others will get into plot and character, while others might comment on the story, flow, pace, readability, and even marketability. The advantage of an editorial company, such as FirstEditing.com, is that we can handle it all. 

What You Should Know

Before being hired as an editor for FirstEditing.com, I needed to prove expertise in all areas of editing. We may each have our areas of preference (and dole out assignments accordingly). But we must be thoroughly competent to address anything that you, as an author, might request.

In addition to offering all levels of editing and the ability to work on documents of any length, we also offer a firm price. That means that you know how much it will cost, no matter how much time it takes the editor to complete the job. Not all individual editors or editorial service companies offer this guarantee. Putting a book together can be daunting, so you can at least relax in knowing ahead of time what the editing will cost. We make recommendations on levels of editing based on what the book or manuscript needs, not based on price.

FirstEditing.com also offers a firm deadline and guaranteed satisfaction. Again, many individual editors and editing companies do not provide this. And the best part? We offer a free sample edit. We believe that you should be able to get a glimpse of the editor’s ability and know what you can expect in a full book edit.

These are some of the important issues to consider when searching for an editorial services company. Using a full-service editorial company, such as FirstEditing.com, has many advantages. I look forward to being your next editor!

Originally posted 9/10/2010 and happily updated 10/29/2017. Thanks for reading!

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