When your non-fiction book is complete, it’s time to find an editor, and there is seemingly no end to the choices. The Internet is full of freelance book editors anxious to edit your non-fiction book for you. When it’s time to hire an editor, how will you decide? Why would you pick a professional editing service over a potentially cheaper freelance book editor?

The sad truth is, anyone can hang her shingle up on the Internet and call herself a freelance book editor. The website may look good, the credentials may even look good, but do you want to entrust your precious non-fiction book to a freelance editor who is an unknown quantity? Don’t you want a guarantee that the work you contract for will be complete, professional, and prompt?

With an editor from a professional non-fiction book editing service, you are getting a known quantity. The service has its reputation, its years of experience, and know-how, right there for you to see. Editors at a professional non-fiction book editing service were hired based on their credentials and experience. They are versed in publishing styles and required to have all the skills you would expect from a professional book editor. You will receive services as described at a fixed price.

With a freelancer, how do you know you’re getting the service as described? There is no guarantee that if you are unhappy with the service, the editor will make it right.

Professional Non-fiction Book Editing Service vs. Freelance Editor

With a professional non-fiction book editing service, you receive a professional rate. And the service has the resources to back it up: administrators who can help you with problems. The professional editors will adhere to your deadlines. Additional services that can bring your non-fiction book up to the standards you hoped for when you decided to spend your hard-earned money on an editor.

The professional editing service will outline what they will do for you – free of charge – just to be clear that you know what you are getting. You deal directly with an administrator so you’re satisfied with the result, asopposed to arguing with a freelance book editor.

That is one of the most important aspects of the professional non-fiction book editing service. You are dealing with a team that can handle all the services you need, not a potentially overwhelmed solo act who may be juggling your job with other aspects of their life.

Professional work, done on time, reasonably priced and guaranteed – the choice is clear that a professional non-fiction book editing service is the best way to go.

Originally posted 1/29/2011 and happily updated 11/16/2017. Thanks for reading!

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