What is formatting? Simply put, formatting is taking your document and ensuring that it conforms to the style guide or publishing manual of your school or publisher.

“Well, that’s easy enough; I can do that myself,” you say smugly.

Of course you can! But when your document is 100 pages or more long and you need to format those pesky margins or the pagination just doesn’t seem to want to work for you, it’s nice to know that there are people whose expertise will take that burden off your shoulders. One such company is FirstEditing (firstediting), which not only provides extensive editing services but also formats your work  per your request.

What exactly can FirstEditing do for you in terms of formatting?

We can ensure that your line spacing is correct and consistent throughout your document. Does your style guide call for double-spacing of most text, but single-spacing and block indentation for longer quotes? FirstEditing can handle that!

Do your margins need to be 1 inch on three sides and 1 ½ inches on the fourth side? Leave it to FirstEditing!

Do your page numbers need to be Roman numerals for the front matter and Arabic (“normal”) numerals for the remainder of the work?  That can be a daunting and exasperating task if you’re unsure of exactly what to do. Fortunately, FirstEditing’s professional editors are conversant with the proper techniques to “mix” numeric styles.

What about a running header? How do you format that?  Again, our editors can easily take on this task, leaving you free to concentrate on actual content—and then we can edit your content, as well!

Unsure about APA citation format? FirstEditing’s academic editors aren’t! Can’t remember how to set up the bibliography using Turabian? FirstEditing can!

Formatting a document doesn’t have to be a frightening or time-consuming process—just hire the pros at FirstEditing (firstediting to handle it for you.)


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