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“Professionalism and Allison's great work at rewriting portions.”
Tarek Watertown, USA
“I loved the professionalism, the transparency of what was being offered, the timeliness of the response, and the final edit. What I loved most was that the editor assigned to work with me understood the story I was trying to tell and gave me insight that improved my vision of the ...”
Michael Glendive, USA
“Excellent editing services and easy to work through the process with. Communication on each step all the way and deliverables on dates promised.”
Richard Dunwoody, USA
“Joanne's line editing was professional, careful, and skillful. She provided many helpful comments as she was editing, which allowed me to see the development of the narrative through her eyes. Besides some grammatical errors, she suggested I reword the text in a few places for clarity. I was pleased to see ...”
Alexandru Bridgewater, USA
“My editor gave great advice! He made a bunch of changes that made wordy sentences better without changing the tone of the character. I am still working through the changes, as some will affect the following books. I am excited to work with Michael on future projects.”
Taryn Kitchener, Canada
“The free sample gave me confidence that the expense would be worth the editing service, and it was. Andrea did a thorough edit of my manuscript, and it's much stronger now.”
Heidi Gillette, USA
“Professionalism, personal communication, cost, guarantee.”
Beth Carol Staten Island, USA
“Very professional and competent editor.”
Uwe Freiburg, Germany
“I have been using First Editing's services, and overall, my experience has been positive. What I liked most about their services includes the following: Free Sample: The provision of a free sample was immensely helpful in assessing the quality of their work before committing to a service. Quality: The quality of the ...”
Michael Tel Aviv, Israel
“Joanne did a masterful job of editing my manuscript. She not only patiently corrected my atrocious punctuation, grammar, verb tenses, capitalizations, spelling, and formatting, but she also caught inconsistencies and inaccuracies I had overlooked, even after reading the manuscript countless times. She made excellent suggestions on rewording for clarity and ...”
“Professionalism: I feel as if Lee Ann knows exactly how I should say things in my book. She has brought out the best. I'm a more confident writer now.”
Leah Gent, Belgium
“I am thankful for the customer service. I ordered the more expensive service, and you found it unnecessary and offered a partial refund. I remember months ago when I first submitted and added another page later on, and you allowed the addition at no charge. Thank you for being so ...”
Raymond Albuquerque, USA
“The quality of the editing I received was outstanding. Not only did my editor Allison provide detailed comments on my work, but did so in a way that will help me learn and improve overall as a writer.”
Elissa Warren, USA
“I appreciated the personal communication. This is my first time to have a story edited and Emmil was very helpful during the process. I thought the prices were reasonable and I appreciate the suggestions from my editor, Dr. Jeff.”
Nancy Milton, USA
“I loved the free sample. I also respected what Dr. Michael suggested and made most of the changes he recommended.”
Patrick Cohoes, USA
“I like the recommendations for sentence structure and the comments on flow. Also, the prompt response of 2 weeks is much appreciated.”
Melissa Worcester, USA
“I liked the service and free sample. The work was very good and delivered as promised. I felt no loss of my creative product in the process.”
Thomas Palm Beach Gardens, USA
“I liked the response time and the comprehensive editing.”
Edmund San Jose, USA
“I loved how in-depth Allison went with my edits! She did an amazing job of not only telling me what worked, but also what needed to be improved and where I could "go deeper" into my character, most notably in the first chapter. I think working with Allison has made ...”
Brian Clinton, USA
“I went with the Story Coach developmental edit, and it was a great choice. Allison was SUPER nice as a person and very helpful. The feedback she gave was extensive and really helps me understand what I can do to make my story more profound and keep the audience engaged. ...”
Christopher Ann Arbor, USA
“The best part about having my story edited by Joanne is that I have SO much insight now into the structure of my story. I see now what I stink at - and what I do well. I also really appreciated all of the education she imparted with the ...”
Nicole Coeur d\'Alene, USA
“I loved the quality of work and the honest feedback. I would prefer direct communication with the editor, rather than through a third party.”
Robert Orlando, USA
“I liked that the sample edit and the hiring process takes around 24 to 48 hours. I also love that you were able to start working on my manuscript in such a short notice. I didn't have to book an edit months in advance, which was also great. The phone ...”
Valeriya Pleven, Bulgaria
“The free sample really helped me understand what level of editing my project needed and assured me that the editor I was assigned would be a good fit for my work.”
Anna Beacon, USA
“very quick, professional and accurate”
“The editing comments from Lee Ann were very helpful so that my next story can go more smoothly. Lee Ann focused on the scenes that I suspected had issues and listed where she sourced her usage rules from. Lee Ann also cited sources for grammar rules and conventions that I can refer ...”
Frank Yonkers, USA
“I liked all of it! Great experience.”
Tara Nicholasville, USA
“I am so happy and grateful for Joanne's excellent editing work. She was professional, thoughtful, with a superb knowledge of grammar, and always attentive to the story's content. From the free samples, I was sure she'd be excellent. My story is not simple, and English is not my native language, but Joanne ...”
Giancarlo Getafe, Spain
“I was happy that work was begun and completed promptly. The work quality was good. My writing needed a copy edit but Joanne also helped me to find weaknesses in the narrative, making it easier to make needed content edits.”
John Houston, USA
“Fantastic work. Clear notes and recommendations.”
Andrew Metford, Australia
“For any author trying to launch a book, controlling cost is high in the ranking of importance. I examined a number of editing services and found First Editing to be affordable. As of today, I've used their services 3 times. I enjoy their prompt attention to my work and will use ...”
“I was very happy with the edit, some great suggestions. It was very professionally handled. The editor did reach out to me regarding a delay, which I was fine with... I've been happy with (their) services before. I had tried a different one because of budgeting, I came back realizing ...”
Stephen Jackson, USA
“I thought the pricing was very good and the editing was done very quickly.”
Gregory East Meadow, USA
“The deadline”
Marisa Lake Zurich, USA
“This is my debut novel. I came away from the review more confident that I got the big things right, and that the problems can be corrected. As I reviewed the notes of my beta reader, I quickly realized the reader was someone who really understands literature. Not a casual ...”
Kevin Long Beach, USA
“The customer service I experienced was of the highest standard and the turnaround time for them to edit my work was far quicker than other companies I looked at going with. I now have a greater understanding about how words can be rearranged to make them sound better. As a ...”
Robert Portsmouth, England
“I stopped writing because I was always editing, and because of the comprehensive editing job my editor did I can move forward and work on the ending to my fiction novel. The quality of the editing completed by my editor, Dr. Michael, was outstanding. His final product helped me to ...”
Victor Mancos, USA
“The price was fair, and the editing was consistent with my previous First Editing projects. I chose First Editing for this reliability.”
Dave Los Gatos, USA
“The helpful advice was very useful”
“I liked the option to have a free sample as well as the prompt responses and the professionalism on the part of your team.”
Boris Sofia, Bulgaria
“The Free Editing sample got me hooked, to begin with. The professionalism of my editor, Dr. Jeffrey Levin, and the Admin staff, Kathy and Emmil, is terrific. Dr. Jeff picked up so many things, his attention to detail was incredible. He is a very professional and experienced editor and polished ...”
Shirley Norwich, United Kingdom
“Her notes on the side were helpful for me in the future. I also liked her thoughts as she was reading it.”
ANNEMARIE Broad Channel, USA
“I had asked for a quote on a developmental edit. However, Dr. Vonda, having read through the sample I sent, said that she thought I probably did not need a developmental edit, and offered a line edit quote instead (with the option to go back and get a developmental edit ...”
Russ West Chester, USA
“I appreciated the timely turnaround and the excellent notes / suggestions on the two stories I had struggled most to write, namely, "A Bit of Dirty Linen" and "Naharai Remembers." Other notes about the arrangement of the book and the content of the introduction, the use of ellipses, and suggestions ...”
Daniel Jackson, USA
“The cost of your services is very reasonable, and I especially appreciate the upfront timeframe and quick turnaround.”
Sharon Bowling Green, USA
“So fast!”
Heidi Gillette, USA
“I appreciated the speed of execution and personal touch”
Kimberly Gainesville, USA
“The editor Dr. Vonda was an absolute joy to work with. Her work is amazing very professional and thanks to her my book projects shine!”
Tara Allred , USA
“The professionalism of staff was great!”
Dale Rainsville, USA
“Joanne did a fantastic job editing my manuscript! Her work was thorough and her comments professional. She not only looked at the text from an editorial point of view but also through the eyes of a reader who hears the story for the first time. She noticed that English is ...”
Sabine Swedesboro, USA
“Timeliness of your work. Price is fair. Quality is much higher than the original editing on my first 3 novels. My first 2 novels (including Roman Ice -- this project) were edited by "professional" editors found on Reedsy. Their work was sloppy and required multiple fixes. FWIW, Reedsy does not ...”
Dave Los Gatos, USA
“You focused on getting the end result to the place where it needed to be for the customer, in this case me, without arguing against the request and with being honest in your assessment of my experience.”
Charles Tynemouth, United Kingdom
“The free sample provided in the beginning was a great way to see how the editing process works. All communications with my editor (Dr. Jeff), Kathy Hatter, and Emmil San Pedro were timely and professional. The 7 day deadline was met with no issues. Dr. Jeff did an ...”
Ithaca, USA
“I thought my editor provided great quality and professionalism. She gave me pointers on what I could do to make it better. What I appreciate most was that she seemed to really support my idea. That meant alot since I'm a first time author.”
Spencer Orlando, USA
“I really appreciated the personal communication with my editor. Her comments were encouraging and really helped me know where the weak points were in my story.”
Stephanie Royse City, USA
“The editing was professional, valuable, and authoritative. I wrote my manuscript last November during the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge and greatly needed a professional editor. Dr. Michael was that person, who made insightful, important observations for improving my novel while also polishing and tightening its language. I sorely ...”
Mark Brunswick, USA
“Your editor did a great job at a wonderful price.”
David East Hartford, USA
“Hi Dr Jeff Simply fanatastic! Thanks so much for bringing my work up to a professional standard. I appreciated the effort you put into my manuscript, and the end result leaves me with a lot of satisfaction and joy Patrick PS You were spot on with your comments. I appreciate your honesty in ...”
Patrick Thu Dau Mot, Vietnam
“I was immediately impressed when I received the free sample edit. Dr. Jeff is a linguistic magician who really made my manuscript shine. The finished project and was delivered well in time and the editing work was really thorough and professional. The price is good and the personal communication that ...”
Christoffer Savedalen, Sweden
“The process was easy to follow. Everything was very clear and quick. Initially, I wasn't pleased with the work of the editor, but after I pointed this out, the editing was quickly improved and I was pleased with the end result.”
Clemens Hockenheim, Germany
“Communications were straightforward and I appreciated the speed and completeness of replies to my questions. Dr. Jeff performed a rigorous edit that improved my story and pointed me in directions that will improve my future efforts. I enjoyed the experience and feel it was worth the cost. I plan to ...”
“The administration and customer service are very responsive. The editors seem friendly and approachable. Its important that writers be able to communicate with their editors.”
Thomas Yeagertown, USA
“My editor, Joanne, did a content edit on my manuscript. I was impressed how she clearly went word by word and provided comments. A very thorough job and aligned with the Chicago Manual of Style.”
John Danville, USA
“Very responsive: commitment to deadline, fair price”
Wendy Bloomfield Hills, USA
“I'm not very confident and easily discouraged so I really appreciate Lee Ann's gentle and encouraging feedback. her approach is exactly what I needed. her insight was spot on and I've taken every one of her recommendations to heart.”
Cory Tofino, Canada
“The free sample was very helpful to understand what feedback I would receive back and the turnaround time was very quick.”
Ines Maiden Bradley, Warminster, United Kingdom
“The service was very professional. The editing was thorough and the review file was really insightful.”
Rebecca Lund, Sweden
“What did I like most? Everything! I loved getting a free sample first to give me an idea what I could look forward to with the rest of my manuscript. The feedback in the edits by Dr. Jeff reminded me it was a real person reading my book, not a ...”
Kimberlee Groveland, USA
“Professional edit and reliable. I always learn along the way and it makes me a better writer.”
Michael Connelly Springs, USA
“Speed of service for the great amount of work the editor needed to do. Max however, did an amazing job and has provided succinct commentary on my follow up questions.”
Chris Delta, Canada
“Everything was perfect, as always. As a returning customer, I didn't need a free sample since I always received great quality. Jefferson's editing and synopsis were invaluable as he put a lot of personal passion and work into them to make my script better and more logical. No spelling, grammar, ...”
Kathrin Dresden, Germany
“I must say this is the best experience I've had with an editor. I love that he explained and suggested changes and offered a different viewpoint.”
Samantha Lorton, USA
“Editing work was quite professional and added value to the book. Price was very reasonable, after proposed discounts. The work was delivered before the deadline.”
Alexandre R Singapore, Singapore
“I thought the free sample was really important. It let me see the level of edit and how it would improve the manuscript without fundamentally changing it. The quality of the whole was excellent and acceded my expectations. Again, great work without changing the author's intent. Very professional and well communicated.”
David Bellevue, USA
“I was happy with the professionalism and personal communication. For a pensioner the cost was high but I believe the review was helpful. One subtle point in the story was missed but this could be an Irish/European v USA reading of the story.”
Michael P Delgany Greystones, Ireland
“The deadlines, free sample, ease of submission.”
Nicole Taunton, USA
“Friendly, good communications, free sample is always nice so we have no drastic surprises.”
Rex Sequim, USA
“What i liked most was that the constructive criticism felt genuine. My editor had a way of informing me of what was holding back my writing and what I needed to do in a way that was uplifting and positive, making me want to go that extra mile to pursue ...”
Nathan Geraldton, Australia
“I was extremely impressed with the promptness and responsiveness of FirstEditing. The firm met its deadline handily and I believe the quality of the work was first rate. I especially liked the explanatory notes made by my editor, the estimable Jefferson, to both educate me on suggestions made and to ...”
Wendy Bloomfield Hills, USA
“Free sample editing was great. I am a fledgling author and totally new to the editing arena. I learned a lot with that sample, and chose to have FirstEditing edit my manuscript as a result. I also liked that my editor, Dr. Michael, went beyond the basic grammar correction ...”
Tulasi Kennesaw, USA
“All the above. Done a few books with Editor: Jefferson and enjoy his input on my books.”
DONALD Gastonia, USA
“Good quality work, line by line editing with relevant comments. The job was completed in one week, which is fast service with no loss of quality.”
Steve Lakeport, USA
“My experience with your editing service was by far...above and beyond! There were changes that needed to be made and your company made sure that my book delivery was awesome. Thank you.”
“Your customer service was outstanding.”
Paul Chatham, USA
“I appreciated the professionalism and personal communication”
Kisstopher SANTA FE, USA
“Great prices! Professional and friendly.”
“I love working with Lee Ann! All of the above. Since Facebook rejected this book, because it didn't fit their policy, it is refreshing to see it accepted this way. Every word is true and experienced. Thank you for the opportunity to have it honored like this. ...”
LaVonne Schertz, USA
“I loved the communication. Lee Ann gave me explanations for all of the edits she recommended and even helped me smooth out some of the details that I had missed. Plus, her positive comments really encouraged me and fueled my excitement to get my work published.”
“I highly appreciated the fast service and feedback!”
Dariane lasalle, Canada
“Engaging enough to want you to select for an edit.”
Syonaa Sunrise, USA
“I loved the price compared to other services. This was less expensive and you got more bang for your buck. The deadlines given were followed and my editor, Dr. Vonda, was very helpful. She talked to me in layman's terms and was a pleasure to work with.”
Jack Quakertown, USA
“The quality of editing of each line along with helping me with the correct verb tense was priceless. The editor checked for missing people from the scene, and things that may not make sense to the reader. It is a wonderful gift that some people have to help ...”
Cynthia Whitehouse, Texas, USA
“The speed at which it was done was exceptional. I sent in a two page draft for FirstEdit to sample and it was sent back to me in a matter of hours with the corrections/suggestions. It filled me with confidence. I was then assigned an editor, a historian who was able ...”
Oliver Kytlice, Czech Republic
“I liked everything, the quick response, the honest review and editing.”
Larissa Pembroke Pines, USA
“The free sample helped to assess the quality and scope of the line edit on the MS and the live chat helped me to clarify a few questions immediately. The guide on track changes is a neat idea too.”
Sheelagh Blackburn, England
“I appreciated the clarity of editing and corrections. Understanding of the story line and characters' personalities. I got help where I had made a technical/historical/geographical error. Also, the editor really helped in maintaining the continuity through three volumes in the series so far. FirstEditing offers a very polite and understanding service. It ...”
Stromness, USA
“Dr. Jeff was exceptional! I was so afraid I would get someone who would simply run the book through a spell checker. I give customer service a 3 rating because I found it hard to navigate your websites.”
Duncan Port Saint Lucie, USA
“I was very happy with the corrections and the helpful notes. I also really enjoyed working with my editor Jefferson who clearly understood both of my novels, which I was happy to see. :)”
Matthew Seoul, South Korea
“I loved the quality of the work, it helped completely strengthen my work without destroying the work I'd done.”
Jordan Winnipeg, Canada
“The best part was the professionalism and personal communication of the editor. I felt like she understood and appreciated my work. Every piece of advice or recommendation was well thought out and made me reflect on both the novel and my writing. I feel my story is better, stronger, and ...”
“Quality professional editing suggestions with a quick turnaround.”
Don Saint Petersburg, USA
“I liked the prices you were offering for your service and the professionalism of my editor.”
Keshawn Downers Grove, USA
“Professional, friendly, fast and excellent work. Liked the discount. A real motivator to spend the money to edit.”
Michael Connelly Springs, USA
“The quality of the editing was impressive. I really enjoyed the comments from my editor, it showed how he read and care for the story. He even shared his knowledge in a few constant corrections he had to make, and those allowed me to learn more about the proper use ...”
Monica Brooklyn Park, USA
“Professionalism was excellent and also exceeded the deadline.”
Susan Hawera, New Zealand
“I appreciate the total professionalism of Lee Ann. Her editing was not just helpful, but her comments helped me correct a lot of my faults. I have had several books now edited by Lee Ann and the high consistent quality is outstanding.”
AD Dunedin, New Zealand
“I liked the communication between the editor and myself. The price was reasonable. In fact, it was exactly what I had budgeted for. The turnaround exceeded my expectations. I expected it to be finished February 11, 2021, but it was finished January 31, 2021, way before I ...”
Jennifer Courtenay, Canada
“Good response time and clarity of corrections.”
Edmund San Jose, USA
“I would say the quality of the work was my favorite part. Dr. Vonda had been so thorough throughout the whole manuscript. Her attention to detail was astounding, and her comments on a practical matter made a convincing argument in the places I might have had hesitation accepting the revisions. ...”
DANIEL Rutherford, USA
“I loved the prices and quality”
Tori Brooklyn, USA
“Professor of Prose, Dr. Vonda, and the rest of her support staff give the best quality, best money can buy product with their editing services. I am extremely gratified to be associated with First Editing.”
Michael Vista, USA
“I've always used First Editing. With 5 novels in print, my only regrets have been when I couldn't afford an editor at all. Those novels are the ones that I've gone over again and again to find errors and there are still more! I truly enjoyed the frank commentary offered ...”
Randal Winchester Bay, USA
“I loved everything about your services. Free sample, quality, professionalism, personal communication, costs/prices, deadlines, guarantee.”
Tom , USA
“I liked the professionalism and personal communication with my editor. He explained how and why changes were suggested. More importantly, he was a student of the genre, therefore understanding inherent bad grammar of the characters.”
William Latrobe, USA
“When I was looking for professional editing services to help with my first book, I mainly considered affordability and professionalism. I found several big editors. But with First Editing, I found what I was looking for. The personal communication and the detailed overview of my work really helped after submitting ...”
Robert Budapest, Hungary
“The response time was the quickest in the industry that I have ever experienced. The ease of communication all online made the process simple and stress free.”
Walker Winter Park, USA
“I'm grateful that a representative reached out to me before I began the editing process. It made me feel more secure about releasing my information to an online source. The edited work was amazing! Totally satisfied! I totally love the chat and response time from them!”
Kina Fairburn, Georgia
“I was impressed by the speed in which my manuscript was edited. Customer service was very helpful every time I had a question. The quality and price of service were both great.”
Thomas Englewood, USA
“My editor, Jefferson, has done a great job on both Lost in You and my first novella, Copy of Me. His critique was always greatly appreciated!”
Kally Clermont, USA
“First Editing is a superior service with an incredible turn-around time.”
Oliver Toronto, Canada
“Good technical review of the text and punctuation.”
Michelle Jerusalem, Israel
“Great quality for a good price.”
Alex Baierbrunn, Germany
“My editor Dr. Vonda is professional. I have used her editing twice now.”
Julia Aventura, USA
“What I liked the most about using First Editing services was that they delivered the finished project right when they stated they would.”
Terrance Regina, Canada
“The editor's review and critique were not only constructive and helpful, but I can tell the editor took the time to really read and understand my book. The timing was perfect, all communications and the cost is very reasonable. Amazing job and professionalism.”
Monica Brooklyn Park, USA
“Since this was my first attempt at authoring a Science Fiction novel, it was a real education. I found the services very helpful, the instructions very adequate, and my editor/proofreader feedback very relevant and helpful.”
John Lake Zurich, USA
“Everything was great!”
Daryl Fairhope, USA
“I loved my editor. She provides such good feedback. I know I can trust my manuscript will be at its best because she has worked with it.”
Ruth Middleton, USA
“The free sample that FirstEditing provided of my work enabled me to see the quality of work that the team offered and gave me the peace of mind to order their help in editing my work in full. FirstEditing packages are affordable and Dr Michael's critique of the manuscript, as ...”
Kate Bigola Plateau, Australia
“All of the above. The quality of the sample helped my decision. And the speed was amazing.”
James Stratford, Canada
“The professionalism and timing”
Dariane lasalle, Canada
“My editor was top rate, professional, personable and met the deadline.”
Tom Nashville, USA
“I liked the professionalism, speed of delivery. personal remarks of Jefferson”
malcolm lakewood ranch, USA
“The service was great. The professionalism and personal communication was well above expected.”
Tracey Long Branch, USA
“I appreciate that my editor listened to my thoughts before starting the process. The in-process communications was helpful and and the work product excellent. I will be using FirstEditing again!”
“Free sample, quick response to emails, deadlines and guarantees.”
Renee New Castle, USA
“The editor Joanne made the book better! She made her deadlines and was easy to communicate with.”
Michael Sean Chicago, USA
“Good service, good quality, good price. What more could you want?”
Alexander Baierbrunn, Germany
“Free sample was great. Also, I was having difficulty in initially viewing my document but it was quickly remedied by emails and Firstediting even phoned me from the States when I live in the UK! Money well spent on paying a professional to edit my work and will continue to ...”
KATY Wouldham, Rochester, United Kingdom
“Free sample was a nice way to get me to check out the service. It was also great to have the phone call once the sample was complete, as the email went to spam and I would have missed it entirely. I appreciated the upbeat and encouraging message from the ...”
Laura Hoover, USA
“Dr. Vonda did her best to make my story perfect. And it was done earlier than I expected. Especially, I was satisfied with her follow-up service/help.”
James Busan, South Korea
“I like the way my manuscript is handled in a professional manner. And the way the support is right at my fingertips when I need it. And, my editor Jefferson who does a wonderful job of editing and cleaning up my messy book. I could not publish it otherwise. Thank ...”
Theresa Coquitlam, Canada
“I like how I send in my manuscript in a mess, and Jefferson sent it back so nice and cleaned. Thanks, Jefferson for all your hard work. Your editing gives me the confidence I need to publish my book. I've been using First Editing since 2013. They have edited ...”
Theresa Coquitlam, Canada
“I like the whole process but I like having expert eyes on my document, finding the errors and giving feedback.”
Annie Ellensburg, USA
“I appreciated the free sample because I wanted the editor to keep my voice throughout the manuscript. The editor was terrific and I appreciated all of her corrections. She provided consistency and clarity to my manuscript. I look forward to having Dr. Vonda edit my second book.”
Julia Aventura, USA
“the quality of the counsel and advice. recommendations to re-sequence the chapters and when to introduce characters was exactly the professional advice I needed.”
Dan Auckland, New Zealand
“The response was quick for both the enquiry and editing.”
Suzanne Surrey, Canada
“One of the things I appreciate most about the service provided is the feeling that the project was important to the editor as well. The editor not only made the necessary corrections, but also gave me an evaluation of it, pointing out the highlights of the book. I felt that ...”
Alma Brooklyn, USA
“The prices were great! Finding an editor is so expensive. The deadlines were fair and quickly delivered to my email. I enjoyed the people who I spoke to and so quick to reply to my emails. They were kind, patient and understood the stress of an author. I really thank ...”
Jennifer OCALA, USA
“Extremely grateful to for the amazing edit. Especially wish to thank Lee Ann my editor who went above and beyond. I found to be delightfully professional, easy to work with, and delivered ahead of schedule. I will certainly be in touch for the sequels, If you are a ...”
“While every aspect of my experience with FirstEditing went went well(sample review, price, customer service), I have to make special mention of the speed of getting my work back to me.”
Christopher Pembroke, Bermuda
“Easy discourse with quick responses. The work is guaranteed, and they will work with you as much as needed.”
Gregg Battle Creek, USA
“Not only the free sample, but the great quality and professionalism is what FirstEditing provided for my novel. And I would use the service over again. It was amazing and such wonderful services that they provide.”
Marija Marana, USA
“I like the communication and timeliness that FirstEditing offers. The process is very easy and my projects are always delivered on time.”
Susan Clarkston, USA
“I appreciated the professionalism.”
Aloysius Westlake, Australia
“Excellent and professional service.”
Samantha Greenvale, Australia
“Jefferson did an amazing job on this book. Cathryn was concerned with starting a series of children's books at first. Jefferson's professionalism and amazing wordsmithing gave her the confidence she needed to release this book with confidence moving forward.”
Tony deltona, USA
“It's always a pleasure working with you, very professional and I love the personal communication. Also the price is right!”
Cynthia Amsterdam, Netherlands
“The things I liked most about First Editing were the prices, professionalism and timeliness of the project. Jefferson was amazing! He is a true professional and really knows his stuff. He took the time to write an extensive review of my novel and made many helpful recommendations. His ...”
Donna Shallotte, USA
“The quick turnaround was great, but it was Jefferson's insightful comments that made me a real fan of First Editing (and Jefferson). He has an eye for detail! And, as my wife said when I showed her the comments, he understood the book and what I was trying to do. ...”
James Huntington Beach, USA
“The communication was excellent.”
Ken Old Orchard Beach, USA
“I loved the customer service and prompt service.”
Dr. Tamecca Tulsa, USA
“Lee Ann's editing was exceptional. I appreciate the job she did. Her suggestions were helpful, and her explanations clear and detailed.”
Richard TROY, USA
“FirstEditing's free sample convinced me to finally get my novel professionally edited. The results were very helpful and highly recommendable.”
Michael Seattle, USA
“The professionalism and customer service are great!”
Anne Alameda, USA
“The level of professionalism displayed by all the members of staff that I interacted with was quite unexpected, it was off the charts.”
Tayo plano, USA
“I did enjoy getting the free sample. The editors are all very nice.”
Sara Franklinville, USA
“Firstly, we want to thank First Editing for their professional services. You provide a very user-friendly service and outstanding customer service. Thank you. Secondly, we want to thank Jefferson. Thank you for taking the time to work on our treatment. Your line editing was excellent. You perfectly corrected the tense, ...”
Samantha Greenvale, Australia
“The editor disagreed with me over the title, and I finally changed it to one that I thought of long after he finished editing.”
Gary Oklahoma City, USA
“I appreciated the customer service who were patient with my lack of understanding of your editing company process. My editor Michael also gave me a positive, kind, constructive critique. I felt vulnerable with my manuscript share and Michael was great with interacting with me.”
Anne Alameda, USA
“The quality, speed and cost are excellent. I have been impressed with the meaningful feedback provided. ”
Oliver Toronto, Canada
“Quality free sample. Because it was edited as if I paid and it was the full manuscript.”
Michelle Upper Marlboro, USA
“I liked the whole service. In the beginning I was particularly encouraged by the possibility to test it through a sample and the presence of a guarantee. During the editing, I had a chance to appreciate the professionalism of Jefferson, the quality of his editing, and his courtesy and availability. ”
Aleandro Florence, Italy
“The clarity was amazing people are actually telling me what my book is about and the lady actually left my book how I wrote so it's still original.”
Tyriek Brooklyn, USA
“I am still working on getting my 1st book edited with you finished. I have enjoyed the service so far, but will wait for my final recommendation when I have completed a published book with your editing services. Covid-19 greatly interfered with my process of using your ...”
Delhi, USA
“I appreciated the editors comments along with fixing of the language.”
Mark Brookings, USA
“The speedy service was very appreciated.”
Jared San Diego, USA
“All of the above. ”
LaVonne Schertz, USA
“Communication between all concerned - administration, and my great editor. Since I increased my novel length word count from 72K to 76k midstream First Editing was most accommodating and the increase in price was much less than I expected. Jennifer, my editor made me feel like I actually knew what I ...”
Kenneth Wilmington, USA
“I enjoyed the free sample, Max and Kathy's willingness to explain the limitations of my purchase and turnaround time.”
John Concord, USA
“Pure professionalism! Thanks!”
“I liked that you stuck to the deadlines that were quoted, and communication was prompt.”
KARMIN Anchorage, USA
“We are very satisfied with all services listed above that your company provides. This was our 5th edit project using your company with 2 more edit projects later this year. We are publishing 3 children's books this year.”
Wagner Bellevue, USA
“I decided on engaging FirstEditing to help edit my work for epublishing because they are patient and answered all my queries satisfactorily. I also like their free sample editing which enables me to assess their work before committing. Editing corrected common errors and ensure that the final piece of writing ...”
Eng Cheng Singapore, Singapore
“Lee Ann is an excellent communicator and provides specific feedback for improving my writing skills. Her attention to detail is much appreciated.”
William Clare, USA
“To be honest, I liked everything about the service. The price was reasonable, the service was done on time (or early), and the work was high quality. One of my concerns which turned out to be a non issue was whether the suggested edits would be in someone ...”
John Randolph, USA
“The entire team was professional and satisfied with your company.”
Debra Honolulu, USA
“Jefferson did a fine job editing my novel. He told me not only what was wrong, but also what I did well. Here's an example : the relationship of the protagonist Seb and another boy: "I found the relationship with Henka to be the real surprise. It was handled ...”
Fred Helsinki, Finland
“Fine editing job of smoothing out the narrative.”
“Having it edited by a professional, and the support I received, helped me continue on with my writing. Thank you!”
Bradley Lehi, USA
“I like the feedback Max gives and that he makes sure my novel is in the correct tense and format. Just awesome work.”
Tracey Long Branch, USA
“The comments and feedback on my writing is the most helpful I get by using FirstEditing. Correcting grammar and verb tense is of course the backbone of editing, but without the feedback and comments, I would have no idea if what I'm writing makes sense to anybody else.”
Emma Bennington, USA
“I appreciated how the staff made sure that I get a proper job by changing my editor.”
Ahmed Budaiya, Bahrain
“Not only was it a quick turnaround for their services but the editor was professional and work was returned unexpectedly flawless. I was flabbergasted with how well the work was redone. I would use your service again in a heartbeat.”
Marija Marana, USA
“The speed in which they got back to me. That they honored their word when I had issue with submission of product. They were very thorough with communicating the different stages of the review process and when things were being completed.”
Charlotte Newmarket, Canada
“All the above :D Most of all a personal feedback from the editors, which is very helpful. We summarised his feedback and used it to promote the book I am wondering if Jefferson can write a few lines to help us promote the book, so we can have his actual words ...”
Winnie Vermont, Australia
“The quality of the editing from Lee Ann was excellent, as it has been on every book she has done, and after all, that is what counts!!”
AD Dunedin, New Zealand
“Quality work and fast turnaround!”
Lee Sherrard, USA
“I love the work that provides and have zero complaints.”
Todd elgin, USA
“Definitely one of the best editing services you could find; quick service and high quality.”
James Sparta, USA
“I am a fairly accomplished writer, having published a variety of works over a period of three decades. Having been an editor of a statewide magazine for five years, the editor of my college literary magazine, and copy editor of my college newspaper. In spite of all this, my editor ...”
Randal Winchester Bay, USA
“Relationship with editor. Comments were helpful.”
Rick Leicestershire, United Kingdom
“The suggestions, other than the pure gaffes on my part, were generally spot on.”
Walter Pike Road, USA
“I read through the free sample and was astounded by what I had missed. It was sorely needed.”
Shelby Payson, USA
“Learning on what it takes to be a great writer, and it's happening! Jefferson is teaching me a lot, please thank him. His expertise and communication is top-notch and always on time with the said project. My book has taken a new course and I couldn't be happier.”
Debra Honolulu, USA
“I have to say that this is the most amazing feedback I've received on a book!! Your critiques and suggestions have given me loads to think about to enhance the story. This is exactly what I need to help improve my story telling and future writings! I regret not finding ...”
Bjarne Chattanooga, USA
“Flexible customer service.”
Karlo London, England
“The main reason I went with First Editing was the free samples. As you rmay recall, the first attempt didn't go so well. Kathy asked for a second chance and it was immediately clear that Lee Ann understood what I was trying to do.”
“The editor asked questions so I can make my story clear for the readers. She checked everything to the minute details. I had a wonderful experience.”
Preeti Sacramento, USA
“All: Free sample, quality, professionalism, personal communication, costs/prices, deadlines, guarantee”
Minh Caledonia, USA
“Quick turnaround time. I like the footnotes on the side...not all editors use that. The editor explained to me why he made the changes he made.”
brian BRONX, USA
“Lots of communication and quality work. Thanks Lee Ann!”
Avery Farmington, USA
“ The quality of Lee Ann's editing was brilliant. This was a book that had suffered several rewrites and I had lost focus. Lee Ann rescued it. This is now the second book that Lee Ann has edited for me and the consistency and quality of her editing is outstanding. Many ...”
AD Dunedin, New Zealand
“Quality - editor was thorough and his explanations were clear and comments were helpful.”
Kally Clermont, USA
“Loved the professionalism of our editor and the whole FirstEditing team. This is already the second book they have edited for me, and I couldn't be more happy.”
Areg Yerevan, Armenia
“I loved the free sample. It gave me an idea how my work will look after editing. And after reviewing the manuscript I am not disappointed. My manuscript looks amazing. Communication was great. They answered all my questions.”
Alma Brooklyn, USA
“Professionalism, quality, and cost..”
Patricia North Conway, USA
“Appreciate the additional feedback and suggestions by the editor Leeann. Price is fair and turnaround time was exceptional. This is my second time with First Editing and I will continue to use their services for future works.”
William Clare, USA
“- Fast, correct work - Personal feedback - The feeling of being a valued customer”
Kathrin Dresden, Germany
“All the above!”
“The job was completed quickly and efficiently.”
Nathaniel North Vancouver, Canada
“Personal communication was the most impressive. As an author, you always worry about the content and quality of a new book, and the editor reassured me that all was well. This was my first novel and their timely corrections and editing suggestions helped me tremendously throughout the process. ...”
TC Fontana, USA
“I preferred the cost and loved the service. By far the best service and bang for the buck.”
Jeff Plano, USA
“Lee Ann did an exceptional job. She did precisely what I asked and no more. Her comments were very accurate and I accepted nearly all her recommendations, which were consistent with my own thoughts.”
Richard TROY, USA
“High quality of work, valuable insights, very good price, short deadline. Thanks!”
Jocelyne Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“I liked all aspects of this service: free sample, the quick turn around time, the cost!!”
Teresa Roanoke, USA
“Quality and delivery time”
Jyoti Mukerjee Marana, USA
“The customer service was some of the best I have ever experienced. It was extremely responsive to all forms of communication.”
Brian Ludwig New Holland, USA
“The comments were really helpful.”
Dariane lasalle, Canada
“The assigned editor was most helpful with my grammatical and punctuation mistakes. One of the administrators (Kathy) was helpful in communication with the client.”
Andre Roanoke, USA
“I should like to thank you and your team especially Dr. Vonda for your editing services. To read through my manuscript again with correct punctuation and with a much smoother flow is a delight, I couldn't be happier. I particularly liked the helpful editing comments from Dr Vonda and her understanding of ...”
Stephen Bristol, United Kingdom
“Jefferson and First Editing (FE) are great to work. This was my second project with FE and I plan to return.”
Kent Livermore, USA
“I liked the speed and transparency!”
Dariane lasalle, Canada
“I consider it fortuitous and fortunate to have found Michael as an editor. His knowledge of the rules of language is impeccable, yet he also knows when a departure from the rules will better serve than adherence. The result is a clean, flowing final draft. However, what has taken me ...”
Bill Fairfield, USA
“Hi I wish to say a big thank you to Joanne who edited my manuscript. The suggestions are great and I'm looking forward to polishing the manuscript up. Thanks again! ”
Odhette Caulfield North, Australia
“This was a very thorough editing job !”
Kent Livermore, USA
“The free sample was very helpful. The comments and advice by Christine about overall plot and structure, in her full review, were also extremely useful. Your costs are very reasonable for the detailed work undertaken.”
Nigel ORMSKIRK, United Kingdom
“This is my second engagement with First Editing. This tells you that when I have lots of choices, it was to First Editing that I returned. They do great work in the editing. But, so does everyone so why chose them? Well short of having an Editor sitting next to ...”
Jeff Plano, USA
“The free sample allowed me to evaluate your service. Jefferson indeed showed me I needed your service. My good and clear thoughts made it to the page but not in an impressive and error-free manner. The free sample showed me I had found an impressive service at a reasonable price ...”
Frank Fort Myers, USA
“Jefferson was able to take what he said was already good and condense it into a more readable and less redundant form without losing the voice of the author who wrote it.”
Alexander El Reno, USA
“Free samples is important. As a custoomer you have no idea to whom you are paying money. It may be a scam. A free sample allows you to determin that the company is serious.”
Fredrik St levene, Sweden
“I like the professionalism and depth the editor (Allison) puts into her work.”
Charles MCA (Streeterville), USA
“I love the free sample edits as well as the prices offered.”
Eric Homestead, USA
“Editor Lee Ann provided excellent feedback. She cited rationale for recommendattions and offered additional comments to aid in the improvement of the manuscript. She was prompt and positive in all interactions. Pricing was especially attractive for a self-publishing, first-time writer.”
William Clare, USA
“The work was delivered complete and on time. Jefferson was very helpful in his original comments and in responding quickly to follow-up questions. I would continue using Jefferson on this project and on future projects.”
William Carlisle, USA
“The quality of the editing and Joanne's professionalism. She was very helpful and I followed all her suggestions/comments. She obviously was very diligent with my manuscript and I cannot thank her enough. I felt taken care of with First Editing, and that they truly wanted me to succeed in my ...”
Safiya Wynnewood, USA
“I liked the free sample and communication.”
Addison Elkton, USA
“Like always, it has been a pleasure working with Lee Ann. She helped me to improve my writing skills with useful suggestions.”
Cynthia Amsterdam, Netherlands
“First Editing is a well-rounded professional editing firm that can help transform any form of written text, material or document to the blissful requirement or surprise of the writer or customer, and at a very affordable price.”
Daniel Jos, Nigeria
“Simply placing words into correct positions is what caught my attention at first. For although I have thought that I knew how to construct a sentence in a best way possible, it was shown through my editor that there were better ways. Also the questions asked concerning certain phrases and ...”
Scott Granbury, USA
“Thank You Allision for such a detailed edit. I could tell she took my work seriously and her advice was very helpful. I have worked with other editors in the past, and all of them were good. However, Allison goes above and beyond with her work and feedback. Working ...”
Hanna Cincinnati, USA
“ was amazing! Affordable pricing, astounding quality, professional and personal communication. Dr. Vonda provided everything I was looking for in an editor. The deadline was met ahead of time, and any questions or concerns I had were addressed within 24 hours or sooner. I would highly recommend to anyone!”
Jennifer Richfield, USA
“Jefferson was awesome and I appreciated that he made several comments with lots to work with. He delivered within the deadline and I had a very detailed overview.”
Avery Farmington, USA
“She did make the language flow much better which made the book easier to read. She also made comments on what I could improve.”
Fredrik St levene, Sweden
“Customer service was awesome. Joanne did a great job and she was thorough. Did it all in such a short time, too. I've requested her for my second manuscript.”
Avery Farmington, USA
“Very professional. Very friendly customer communications. Extremely competitive fees. We have used FirstEditing services with all four of our books and plan on using them with each new additional book added to our series. :)”
Kurt Bellevue, USA
“I was truly impressed with the absolute professionalism of every member of the staff. Christine did a wonderful job in rooting around in my absolute ignorance of punctuation. She's a trooper for sure. What really sold me on the whole idea of the giving this project to the editing ...”
Alan Newnan, USA
“I very much appreciated to be able to have a free sample. I found FirstEditing perfect for my needs and considering the variety of packages that it offers I think it meet any requirements and any budget. I also very much appreciated the online help chat always promptly responding to any questions.”
Sabina Balrothery, Ireland
“I found First Editing helpful and accommodating to my requirements. Kathy was extremely polite and cooperative. Throughout the communication, I felt my project was given time and interest. The price wasn't the cheapest but I opted to go with them because the sample that was edited and ...”
Ayesha Ancaster, Canada
“Joanne did a fantastic job”
Christopher Paris, France
“The free sample started the ball rolling. The author could see that his voice would not be changed but the manuscripts would be edited to ensure it would be up to industry standards. The costs were about average but more impressively was the turnaround time for the 105,000 word ...”
Brian Ludwig New Holland, USA
“-Quality editing -Professional service”
Jyoti Mukerjee Marana, USA
“The quality of work is outstanding and is my foremost praise. The free sample was useful to assess the type and quantity of feedback that I would receive for the whole piece. While it is obvious to anyone that editing is essential, I really received an education as to ...”
Kas , United Kingdom
“The way Joannne cared about what she was reading. She nailed it perfectly.I wish to continue on working with her. ”
Lucas Vancouver, Canada
“I loved most that Jefferson was able to pick up my weaknesses and explain them to me, strengthening my writing knowledge, as well as all his supportive comments that let me know what worked so well.”
Skye Nanaimo, Canada
“I like the availability of the editors and customer service.”
Karen Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
“Personal communication. Jefferson was very happy to respond to any questions or concerns I had through email or within my document. He even provided small explanations about what was incorrect and why so I could avoid making these mistakes in the future.”
Lauren virginia beach, USA
“The free sample was definitely what encouraged me to give FirstEditing a try. Joanne was quick and efficient, and showed great interest into improving my work. She was also understanding and accepted to receive only parts of my work at times. I appreciated it. I ended up following all of ...”
Safiya Wynnewood, USA
“Rapid sample with great suggestions. Price was affordable. Work was finished well-within deadline. Hi Heather, Thanks for your message. I was so nervous that I only had the courage today to check it 😉. But the editing looks very fine. Glad I made the step. Will review the suggestions in the ...”
Joost Oss, Netherlands
“Personal communication.”
Gary Reno, USA
“Thank you, Christine and everyone! You guys did a lot of work, and I am satisfied. I am thrilled by the changes, and I hope to learn from them. I am impressed by Christine's skill at finding errors and fixing them. She has eyes like no other. Tell her she's awesome! Of ...”
Christian Sherbrooke, Canada
“I accepted all but one of the corrections recommended.”
Edmund San Jose, USA
“The price and the fact that everyone was so lovely.”
Noura Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
“I loved the free sample, especially the speed at which it was delivered. More than anything, that gave me the confidence that I was dealing with a reputable business, not just some free-lancer "claiming" to be an editor. And my editor, Vonda, gave me the necessary encouragement to ...”
Joe Duluth, USA
“Speed, I got my piece back in just few days with a lot of useful comments.”
Jacopo Saint Cloud, France
“Professional: cleaned up my sloppy work; remarks about story.”
Alan Manahawkin, USA
“My editor, Max, did a superb job. He was thorough, improved run-on sentences, and proofread my manuscript with a sharp eye. I'll keep his name in mind the next time I seek editing services. Fine work!”
Edward New Port Richey, USA
“Lee Ann's professionalism and appreciation for the story makes her not just a trusted editor but a reliable audience too. She returned her work with tremendous detail, cited sources, and generous feedback.”
Jason Livingston, USA
“Yes, I liked the free sample. I chose this company for my editing service now and will again in the future.”
“Everything was great! ”
Antonio Blackheath, Australia
“I liked the free sample and everything that you asked about.”
Harvey Fresno, USA
“The project was completed on time and they did an excellent job.”
David Tallahassee, USA
“I appreciated their professionalism and the quality of the editors work.”
David Niles, USA
“thank you”
Stephen North Andover, USA
“The actual editing was excellent. Nothing seemed to much trouble, and there were some issues with my book that were resolved right away. I will be back with the 2nd book in my trilogy . Big thanks to Dr Michael!”
Michael High Peak, United Kingdom
“I love the "after" and "before" editing sevices that you offer. I never felt for one minute during the process that your company every forgot about me or abandoned me. This sets you above the rest .”
Elliot Hicksville, USA
“Quick turn around time.”
Oliver Toronto, Canada
“I could not believe how swift the editing was done. Personal communication was excellent. The cost was also reasonable. Since I was a first time author l didn't know where to look for help but was glad and grateful for choosing First Editing. Service was encouraging and fantastic.”
Kingsley South Croydon, United Kingdom
“The communication was great, regular updates were truly appreciated. The checks on punctuation, grammar and spelling were exactly what I needed.”
v.manonmani Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“Professionalism was fine”
“I really enjoyed the personal comments.”
Tony Brunswick, USA
“I appreciated the professionalism, deadline and quality.”
Ali Toronto, Canada
“The quality of the editing was superb.”
malcolm lakewood ranch, USA
“Everything was very professional, a pleasure to deal with.”
“I liked that I could trust these people to get the job done on time and properly. I will use them for editing again. Thanks FirstEditing!”
Sean Vancouver, USA
“Thank you, Jefferson. As always, you have done a marvelous job. I am working on book 3 and will come back to you for editing in due course”
malcolm lakewood ranch, USA
“Your professionalism was greatly appreciated.”
C.w. Loganville, USA
“Very professional from start to finish.”
“FirstEditing was my first experience using an online editing service, and I cannot think about using any other in the future. My editor was a crack professional who worked on my manuscript diligently and with great enthusiasm. Not only were his editorial skills well-honed, his insights about flow and improvements ...”
Hal Brookside, USA
“I appreciated the reliability, fast service, and professionalism.”
Nicole Hollywood, USA
“Quickly turned around”
Martin Perth, Australia
“I liked most that the cost wasn't extremely high. I've had many books edited and First Editing was actually more affordable than the others I've had. The free sample of my work for them to edit was an extra bonus.”
Donna Lockport, USA
“It was amazing to read my writings, only improved! Actually I got all immersed in the new clarity of thought that emerged. It is a great thing to have an editor to help out.”
Annie Ellensburg, USA
“I loved everything about your services.”
Bala Cynwdy, USA
“Most of the work was well edited.”
“Jefferson, as an editor, was a perfect fit for my historical novel. Unlike others I have used, he had done research on the American revolutionary time period. His editing was spot on, as my punctuation is terrible, while leaving my style in place. I will probably use you again for ...”
William Latrobe, USA
“Guarantee satisfaction, that's what was promised”
Francisco Del Rio, USA
“Easy to contract, quick turn around and having the job assign to the same editor, who I liked since the first job”
“Free sample, quality, genre editors to choose from.”
Nicholas Douglaston, USA
“Instant chat. Very helpful to me as I keeping having problems with log-in.”
John Boise, USA
“They make things simple and easy to understand. Plus they are quick with the business. For real. Thanks First Editing. The website is a light bulb.”
Derrick Dallas, USA
“All of the above.”
“Surprisingly accurate. The edits made sense and this after dozens of author revisions. I'll be using Dr. Vonda and 1st Editing again as other projects warrant it.”
William Spokane, USA
“The customer service personnel were good.”
Hanna Cincinnati, USA
“Joanne is an amazing editor very experienced and the customer service at First Editing was brilliant - so helpful!”
Leroy Essex, United Kingdom
“Professionalim and deadlines.”
Kumbi Maplewood, USA
“I like the personalized response to my questions”
Hanna Cincinnati, USA
“All of the above. My editor, Max, was very thorough and precise and combed through my book with an acute eye. I left a scourge of many highlights about the meanings of several slang terms, on top of, in my opinion, a complicated story—but he nonetheless took on the challenge and ...”
Edward New Port Richey, USA
“Hello Jefferson and FirstEditing, Thank you for editing our manuscript. Jefferson's quality of editing was outstanding. His honest feedback in regards to: story structure, character dialogue, and flow were appreciated. He has an excellent eye for detail and tightening up the text. We would definitely use FirstEditing again. Once again, thank ...”
Samantha Greenvale, Australia
“Amazing work”
Ronnie Valrico, USA
“I like how FirstEditing interacts with me, they are very professional, they do what they promised in terms of deadlines, and they offer the best price so far. I am a first-time author, and with the help of FirstEditing editor, I gain the confidence to publish my book.”
Jean Dubai, United Arab Emirates
“Free sample page and the professionalism displayed by editor.”
Cephas Kissimmee, USA
“Quality, the quick turnaround time, communication.”
Oliver Toronto, Canada
“I liked getting the free sample so I could make an informed decision about moving forward. The pricing was also more than fair.”
“The help in character development was everything I hoped for and hopefully it will be reflected when the book is published ”
Ron Phoenixville, USA
“I liked the prompt return of the sample and recommendation of the editing level needed. The editing was very good and added to the quality of manuscript.”
Gregory Wheaton, USA
“The friendly and helpful comments in the sample and the discount for the full edit was the deal maker. As a first time author, I found the whole process very helpful and encouraging.”
Thomas Portsmouth, USA
“Everything was really great!”
Natalie Kingswood, Australia
“I've been writing professionally for five years now. I had 3 years of college-level writing classes before that. The folks at First Editing saved me endless embarrassment with their 'catches' of things that managed to make it past 8 levels of proofing, Beta-Reading and other developmental stages. No one, regardless ...”
Randal Winchester Bay, USA
“How prompt they are and always when I had a question.”
Larissa Pembroke Pines, USA
“I loved the ease of pushing a button and submitting a copy of my manuscript knowing that I have sent it to a reliable and secure company. The amount of editing, commentary, and price was very reasonable. Thank you.”
Gail Papillion, USA
“The rapid turnaround.”
Elwood Johnson City, USA
“As usual, Vonda did an excellent job. I particularly appreciated her review of the manuscript.”
William London, United Kingdom
“I like the fact that Lee Ann takes a genuine interest in the book and the success of the author. I feel she goes beyond the scope of the purchased work.”
“Turnaround time was fantastic. Quality of work first class.”
Greg Noosa Heads, Australia
“I am happy with the work done. The service was a little more expensive than I expected, but I do feel the final product was well worth the cost. I will definitely use the service again. I am familiar with using track changes so I had no problem understanding the ...”
Jerie New York, USA
“Quality, communication, cost, and timeline were all impressive.”
Oliver Toronto, Canada
“What I liked most was the convenience of putting in a sample which was at no cost. The communication with the staff via email and the option with the chat on-line both worked out well. Also, Joanne, who edited my manuscript was quick and professional. Thank you.”
Gail Papillion, USA
“I really appreciated the comprehensive technical editing, and comments to improve the consistency of the plot. The comments throughout the story helped reassure me that the story was engaging to adult readers, although it is primarily targeted for middle grade readers (ages 8-12).”
Charlie Eugene, USA
“I must admit that the initial eye grabber was cost. During the time I paid to have my novel edited there was a promotion being offered. However, what has me filling out this quick survey was the professional care that I received from Joanne, my editor. As she ...”
LAWAYNE Williamstown, USA
“Deadline was met.”
Ann Toronto, Canada
“Lee Ann did such a great job while working on the fourth book of my vampire miniseries. I really appreciate her suggestions and improvements!”
Cynthia Amsterdam, Netherlands
“I really liked the personal service. This is the second book Dr. Vonda has edited for me. I am well pleased with the results. Very professional and it shows in the finished work. Thank you Vonda”
Brandon SHELBURNE, Canada
“I appreciated the encouraging comments and insistence to cite references.”
Matthew Lakeville, USA
“I really enjoyed working with my editor. She was great to work with, highly professional, and she produced high quality work that took my manuscript to another level! The occasional discounts also make their prices highly competitive! ”
Bryce Cedar, USA
“Joanne, I can not thank you enough, this is quite a gift to have my first book edited. I have reviewed the book and found every line placed and written a lot better. I take this time to thank you for all your hard work. I plan to write more ...”
Joshua Hopewell Jct., USA
“I really appreciate the services First Editing provides. They always deliver on time and their price is definitely right. Vonda has edited multiple projects of mine and done a great job. A highly reputable publishing company has picked up her finished editing work on three of my last manuscripts.”
David Niles, USA
“Professionalism, cost, guarantee, and speed of turnaround.”
Josh Studio City, USA
“Jefferson did an excellent job of line editing my work.”
Richard San Antonio, USA
“I really like the work Dr. Vonda has done for me. She gave me 100% of what I wanted for my manuscript. Everything was perfect, the editing and the deadline. She also gave me a review that I was very grateful for, so thank you Dr. Vonda.”
Ezed London, United Kingdom
“All went well... Happy with the work... Dennis”
Dennis Santa Barbara, USA
“Working with Lee Ann is always a pleasure. The editing was done well and the final is on the way to Amazon.”
Paul Georgetown, USA
“Kathy and Tollerson were excellent to work with. Joanne the editor was top notch. I received valuable advice from her. She was sensitive,thoughtful and very professional.”
Margaret Tucson, USA
“I loved the editing technique Jennifer offered and her witty comments. She not only knew what she was doing, she was kind, patient, and thorough, as well as, making fantastic recommendations that enhanced my manuscript. All and all, I'm so happy I found your editing service and I can't ...”
Rose Highland, USA
“I was so impressed by Jefferson's editing skills and very helpful feedback and advice! I was pleasantly surprised by the low editing cost and customer service is excellent!”
Viona Saint Helens, United Kingdom
“Details in editing; costs/prices”
Frankie Poughkeepsie, USA
“Have only had a very brief scan. First opinion is, just what I was hoping for. As a debutant author, I am much encouraged and moved by Dr. Vonda's kind words. Prem ( warm regards ) Ardeshir”
Ardeshir Pune, India
“Free sample helped me differentiate First Editing from other options. It was important. Great first impression. The professional editing was not only necessary but done with such expertise. I will return for my next book to First Editing and ask for Lee Ann to edit for me. I found the ...”
Alexander Skaneateles, USA
“All of the above”
Tom Springfield, USA
Safia AHMADI, Kuwait
“I really love the free sample and I could evaluate for myself. It was really professional and the price is really good. Affordable for someone who doesn't have much income and is trying to get their book published. The communication was wonderful; really fast and professional. The files came right ...”
Denatre Willemstad, Curacao
“The editing process was exciting participate in. My editor was very accommodating and careful with the manuscript. I was allowed to customize my level of editing due to my needs and the needs of the story. In the end, First Editing really made my story go from ...”
John Santa Fe Springs, USA
“Thank you so much to my editor, Toni, for her thorough edits and suggestions as well as her kind words throughout the editing process. Toni's edits have truly brought my manuscript to life. I was so pleased with the professionalism at First Editing and am happy to suggest your work ...”
Jennifer Long Beach, USA
“Price was competitive and the editor I worked with was familiar with the Dark Fantasy genre and was able to provide insightful comments.”
Brian Port Murray, USA
“Lee Ann was very professional working on my book. I have started on another book so I will be sending it to first editing with the request that she perform the editing.”
Wolf Topeka, USA
“Lee Ann did an amazing job for what I asked of her.”
Pauline Browning, USA
“All of the above! I was treated like I was a professional. Lee Ann was and is a top Editor. A soft eye but a strong hand, this is what's needed in the business.”
Micheal Star, USA
“I liked the professionalism.”
Tia East Meadow, USA
“I enjoyed the professionalism and capacity to quickly and neatly submit and retrieve my editing.”
Alan Alberton, South Africa
“I like the quality and professionalism and the guarantee”
Kerry Heber City, USA
“FirstEditing has edited several of my projects and I have been very satisfied with the quality of editing as well as responses to any of my questions in regards to cost, timelines, and so on. My overall experience with them has been great and I highly recommend them for any ...”
Asghar Milton, Canada
“I love working with editor Lee Ann!”
Cynthia Amsterdam, Netherlands
“I really appreciated Christine's thoroughness and thoughtful comments. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement.”
Pamila Fayetteville, USA
“Excellent editing and comments for improving writing”
Richard San Antonio, USA
“Efficient processing. I was in a hurry. I should have asked for content editing on "The Numbers Man" and on "What happened To Flynn."”
John San Diego, USA
“I appreciated the timely response. The attention to detail was evident in the finished product, and yet the voice remained the same. Everyone I had contact with was very helpful. ”
Mary Willmar, USA
“My screenplay had been optioned twice and before sending it out again I wanted to make certain it was as tight as possible. I've never done that good, er, well (see) with punctuation, grammar and spelling (despite being quite articulate, lol) so this service was a no-brainer for me. Allison ...”
Jason Staten Island, USA
“Professionalism, speed of project completion, personal communications from the editor, price.”
Josh Studio City, USA
“I received my finished, edited manuscript a day earlier than scheduled and I'm extremely pleased. I am a newbie self-publishing author, and this is a non-fiction 385 page book about alternative medicine, energy-work and self-healing. I spent fifteen years compiling notes and creating this manuscript with some one hundred-twenty revisions. ...”
Tony deltona, USA
“I appreciated the quality and personal communications.”
Maurice Atlanta, USA
“I was extremely impressed with the thoroughness and extensive analysis of 1st Editing's work, which has helped tremendously in improving my manuscript. Your initial sample edit work was excellent and convinced me to engage your service verses other competing editing services.”
“Everything about First Editing is amazing. The Editors themselves can been seen as highly professionals in the English Language area. ”
Leonard Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
“Professionalism: The editing was very thorough.”
Robert Brookfield, USA
“I love the professional and personal communication with my editor, Lee Ann. Her suggestions on my work in progress are a great help and I love her personal, yet professional approach.”
Cynthia Amsterdam, Netherlands
“The project was delivered on time.”
Ketevi A. Wading River, USA
“I appreciate the comments and personal touch by the editor as well as professional service.”
Vincent New York, USA
“Please thank Jefferson for the encouraging comments and great edits. I'm very glad I used your services for this test sample. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Tara Sue Salusso”
Tara New York, USA
“Professionalism and care to details”
Alice Faye Pearson, USA
“The editing was professional and timely. I am a first time writer, a retired doctor. I appreciate the comments and help. They offer appropriate choices and make good additions for success. ”
Pat Honolulu, USA
“FirstEditing has edited my first three books in the series Invasion of the Ortaks. Book 1 the Knight, book 2 the Defeat, and book 3 Rebellion. They have done a great job, and I like working with them.”
Sveinn Hjørring, Denmark
Ty Fountain Hills, USA
“Having a First Editing editor review the manuscript was a very valuable and enjoyable experience. Not only did Nick line edit and correct spelling, grammar, etc., but I also ordered the Editorial Evaluation for my novel. His evaluation of the story and characters made me see some issues ...”
Larry Dumfries, USA
“You did all that you promised at a reasonable price. Special praise for Lori who went above and beyond. Hang on to her.”
Mark West Bloomfield, USA
“deadlines, guarantees, communications”
Patrick Ringwood North, Australia
“The free sample helps make the decision easy. Virginia's edits and comments were spot on and invaluable. Her words of encouragement were also a welcome sight.”
David ormond beach, USA
“The work is professional and completed in a timely manner.”
Brandice Holliday, USA
“The quality of the editing work. Really brought out my story and corrected all the minor little syntax and punctuation errors that multiple readers missed.”
R.J. Phillipsburg, USA
“Virginia was really spot on with the line editing. My e-book QASAAYE: A COLLECTION OF STORIES needed another pair of eyes, and she paid close attention to my text. Now my e-book reads more naturally and with clarity.”
Abdullahi Saint Paul, USA
“Free sample, quality editing, personal communication, affordable costs/prices.”
Vanessa Canal Winchester, USA
“Pleasant interaction.”
William Fort Walton Beach, USA
“Hi Vonda, I am so glad you liked it! I would love to work with you on my next novel as well. Wont be ready until February but I'll keep you posted. ”
Maria San Juan, USA
“I particularly appreciated the backup which I received from Kathy Hatter, your representative in Washington DC who stayed in touch with me to resolve problems that arose. I live outside the US and there were difficulties receiving the final formatted manuscript directly from your administrative office. Kathy facilitated the ...”
Tom La Libertad, El Salvador
“Great and friendly service. Affordable prices.”
Michael palm bay, USA
“I appreciated the professionalism and quick turnaround”
Alfred Oak Bluffs,, USA
“I liked the quality of work and working one-on-one with the editor.”
Cheryl Washington, USA
“I like that FirstEditing delivers my finished manuscript when they say they will. I also like the feedback that my editor, Jefferson, provides.”
Susan Clarkston, USA
“The initial free sample was good, and I find the editor really down-to-earth and easy to work with. The quick service is also great.”
Rick Leicestershire, United Kingdom
“My faith in your honesty. There are far two many scams on the internet.”
“The free sample proved to me that they really looked at my novel before quoting. The cost compared to other services was very competitive, but what sold me was the very fast turnaround time they took to provide the sample review and quote.”
Lawrence Congers, USA
“I most enjoyed how the representatives at FirstEditing returned my e-mails so quickly. When they began editing my book they told me when it would be fully edited and the name of the person doing the job. I had asked for someone with knowledge of the region I was writing ...”
Vance Allentown, USA
“Affordable cost and quick turnaround!”
David Bow, USA
“My editor, Allison, did a good job of line editing the manuscript for clarity and smoother flow. She provided tons of feedback and suggested additions to strengthen the story. She also pointed out several things that might be confusing to readers that I was able to rewrite. The edit was ...”
Richard Kenosha, USA
“Thank for your prompt and professional work!”
Hector Milwaukjee, USA
“I really appreciated that my copy editor, Vonda, respected my individual writing style and tried to improve it continuing my concept without altering or changing it at all. The service was fast, accurate, and to-the-point. I will definitely use FirstEditing in my second book!”
Viel patra, Greece
“I really enjoyed reading my edited work and appreciated all the comments my editor Toni had for me!”
Brenda Puyallup, USA
“I received it back in a timely fashion.”
Charise Philadelphia, USA
“Professional, quick turnaround.”
Stephanie Philadelphia, USA
“I loved the tips to help develop my writing as well as the tweaks made to correct grammar and mechanical errors. Thank you to Allison! This is my second time working with her and she always follows through. I appreciate the efficiency and overall customer service of this business.”
Tori brooklyn, USA
“As always, I am pleased to have my work professionally edited. I submitted it to a local newspaper for publication. They loved it. I can't be successful without you. And you are very attentive to my needs.”
James Naples, USA
“Jefferson did a great job. Thank you.”
Glenn Chicago, USA
“Quick and good.”
Kelly Rough and Ready, USA
“I was very happy with the communication and as a struggling self-published author, the price. Also with the amount of "noise" on the internet about scams and fraud, I was a bit comforted by the BBB rating.”
Mark Fountain Hills, USA
“The price was fair and you guys kept your word on the finishing date.”
Johnny Morton Grove, USA
“I appreciated your responsiveness and willingness to answer questions and the turn over time is very fast.”
Jose North Arlington, USA
“I liked how quick and simple it was.”
Steven Red Deer, Canada
“Most of all I liked your fast and efficient service at an affordable cost. I enjoyed the personal communication with you, your honesty, your encouragement and your feedback.”
Margaret Folkestone, United Kingdom
“I loved to work with Lee Ann, my assigned editor, on a chapter to chapter basis, because she helped to shape my writing project into a fast pace story. So, keep up the good work!”
Cynthia Amsterdam, Netherlands
“I like everything that's offered.”
Fanchon Lynbrook, USA
“The service I received from was well worth the money spent. My favorite part was the outstanding review I was given for my book and, though I've not published my work yet, I've already begun sharing that review! Thank you so much for your help with the editing and ...”
Vanessa Adair, USA
“I loved the fact that the part of the MS that I sent it was returned to me so quickly. That has been the part of the editing process that has bugged me the most. Every other editor I have ever hired has taken 3-6 months to get anything back.”
Kerry Heber City, USA
“I appreciated the interaction with my editor. She understood exactly what I needed”
grace Gatineau, USA
“I loved the thoroughness of Joanne's editing and her comments/recommendations. You wouldn't believe how detailed Joanne's editing was. I am still going through the edits. Her editing is definitely improving my book.”
Johnie Bentonville, USA
Manoj Perth, Australia
“Free sample was great!”
Karlene Huntsville, USA
“All of it!”
Dianne Baxter, USA
“Jefferson was a magnificent editor. He was timely and left well thought out remarks throughout my work. I'm in the middle of my readthrough, and it looks great! I'd be surprised if anyone would leave a '5' for the price, but FirstEditing did work with me on pricing to ...”
Patrick Lexington, USA
“I appreciated the TWO sample edits. If it wasn't for the second round, I would not have retained your services. Pricing is was reasonable but I was initially attracted to the promise of a fast turnaround. Above all, Allison's insights and thoughtful commentary was the winner for me.”
Mark Washington Depot, USA
“I really appreciated the quality of work and the professionalism of the editor who revised my work.”
Giuseppe Rome, Italy
“Good fast service”
“I liked every part of the service from first contact through final product.”
Edward Konawa, USA
“The free sample that we received from Jefferson was very on point. We knew straight away that we wanted to work with him. When we received the entire manuscript back we appreciated his comments, suggestions and track changes. His professionalism was outstanding and we would highly recommend using Jefferson and ...”
Samantha Greenvale, Australia
“Professionalism, personal communication and turnaround”
Kilmarnock, Scotland
“Quality, meeting deadlines, and professionalism - I had requested 3rd level line-editing service, but was told that from the perusal of the sample chapters sent that my manuscript just needed a 2nd level technical editing; that's honesty!”
KUMAR Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
“I appreciated how the customer service associate listened to what my needs were and helped me choose the most cost-effective option. The resulting edited document was exactly what I needed.”
Laura Belton, USA
“The professionalism that was demonstrated after I decided to pull the trigger was exceptional. It took me 6 months since I first inquired about your services and after a few other edits decided I still was not confident over the results. Now I am ready to publish thanks to your ...”
Art Warren, USA
“Personal communications was great, even over a weekend.”
Alan E. Gas City, USA
“My editor was very articulate with constructive criticism, so I knew exactly what needed improvement. She was professional and prompt. Also, she praised certain paragraphs that she thought I'd written skillfully, and I found that encouraging. She was professional, detail-oriented, supportive, and respectfully honest. It was a well-rounded, helpful edit.”
Naima Pensacola, USA
“The work that was completed was to my satisfaction and the professionalism that the editor provided was without question excellent. The communication between the editor and myself was prompt and courteous. The cause for the editing was reasonable and the deadline is met at the time suggested.”
Keith Battle Creek, USA
“For simple copy editing, it was exactly what I was looking for, and I got my project back within the quoted time. ”
Patrick Lexington, USA
“Although the pricing was good for the services provided, it was Christine's professionalism and her personal communication and interest in my book that sold me. I could tell she took the time to read my book when she wrote a book description that captures the essence of the book ...”
Theresa Pikesville, USA
“Communication was excellent. Jefferson did an excellent job reviewing my document and making positive changes. Very courteous help over the phone. It was easy to make the suggested changes in my document. Thank you.”
Jim Merrimac, USA
“Professionalism and personal communication was tops for me as a first time author.”
Lenard Olive Branch, USA
“My editor, Lee Ann was very supportive and she has been a great help with her suggestions that improved the story and ultimately my writing skills.”
Cynthia Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Jefferson, I really appreciate your note back to me with the kind words. I think authors are always self-critical, and hearing a positive review from a source that isn't obligated to provide a review, positive or negative, is rewarding. Thank-you. Also, thank-you for helping to make my writing more consistent and ...”
Eric Redding, USA
“What I loved most about this experience is your ability to keep your word and your guarantee. I appreciate your phone calls and your openness in communicating. My only goal is to not miss the money I spent on editing. I believe Jefferson was exceptional in his comments and encouraging ...”
Marcus Schertz, USA
“I love the personal touch of the editor and her professional attitude the most.”
Cynthia Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Quality, professionalism, personal communication, cost, but most of all, the commitment to cater to my needs in a timely manner with such great and genuine respect. Thank you.”
Suzanne Miramar, USA
“The professionalism of your Customer Relations, Kathy Hatter is very helpful and professional. Dr.Vonda is a superior editor, her attention to detail is impeccable. Deadlines are always met, most of the time exceeded.I am always surprised when I see my chapter early in my inbox. My project could not ...”
Kymberley kingston, USA
“She did not overwhelm me with comments, yet did comment that she learned something she did not know. it was how bipolar and ADHD are practically identical. It showed me how my book will teach others about mine as well as other disorders.”
Danny Olando, USA
“Appreciated the editor's professionalism, quality work product, and perosnal communication. Thank you very much for editing my book. I felt like you took ownership of the work product and made quality improvements. I was pleased how you connected with the story. I appreciate the extra steps you took to help ...”
Jimmy Whitney, USA
“You did very well what you said you would and promptly. Communication was straight forward.”
Edwin Kula, USA
“I enjoyed the personal communication with my editor the most.”
Cynthia Amsterdam, Netherlands
“I appreciated the timely response each time I had a question. The customer service was top-notch and very attentive. Timeline was excellent. I never thought it would be so quick and effortless.”
Cam Bloomington, USA
“The editorial notes where very helpful, done on time with great quality.”
Leroy Essex, United Kingdom
“I appreciated having the work completed according to the deadline schedule. Also, the sample edit presented accurately the quality of work that was provided.”
Melissa Worcester, USA
“Very good editing as usual.”
Toks Leeds, United Kingdom
“Lee Ann helped a great deal with the first few chapters of my upcoming novel, The Lost Planet. Her suggestions were very helpful and professional. My writing improved a lot with Lee Ann's help. I can't thank you enough!”
Cynthia Amsterdam, Netherlands
“The free sample was so well edited, Vonda is truly talented! Her insights and helpful comments were terrific.Vonda was able to make my manuscript smooth and read very well. Vonda has copy-edited and is continuing to help with this project.I am sure the final product will be spectacular! Impeccable timing fast ...”
Kymberley kingston, USA
“Thanks! I am reviewing the edits to Crashpad and I'm impressed. Nice work! I'll let you know when I'm done and definitely will post comments. The coupon will be useful for Buzzkill, the next novella I will be sending you. Best, James Preston ”
James Huntington Beach, USA
“Hello, I have started reviewing the editing completed by Jefferson. I would like to thank Jefferson, for all of his work. Great job with the editing and comments I can tell he read the manuscript and understood its direction. I will try to expand on some of ...”
“-Free sample -Quick deadline completion -Friendly customer service”
Steven Ashland, USA
“All of your services were 5 star!”
Tom Springfield, USA
“Great turnaround time and price!!”
“Responsiveness, professionalism, the little side notes Lee Ann left from time to time were fun.”
“ I've used other editing services in the past, but none were as timely with completing my project as you were. I also found your pricing to be fair and competitive. I will continue to use your service with all my projects. I ...”
Rosemary Oviedo, USA
“What I liked most in order of preference: 1.Personal communication 2.Deadlines 3.Free sample 4.Professionalism ”
Peter Tzaneen, South Africa
“I love to work with your editor, Virginia! She did such a great job and she's a great asset to your service!”
Cynthia Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Free Sample: Impressed. Convinced me to submit the full manuscript. Quality: First class. Lee Ann's attention to detail is amazing. The ability to pick up a missing preposition here and an overlooked quotation mark there and then convert from English English to American English with razor sharp accuracy throughout 522 pages ...”
David South Guildford, Australia
“I had a good job done. I really think the review of my work improved my novel greatly. Also communication was very good.”
Bruce Calgary, Canada
“Hi, Many thanks to Michael for copyediting the draft novel. I was very impressed by his thorough, thoughtful and precise editing. His comments have helped to transform the text. It underscores the fact that professional copyediting is essential for all novelists. I'm very grateful to him. Thanks, Peter”
Peter Birmingham, Great Britain
“The free sample was great! The encouraging comments provided were quite a confidence boost. Apart from a few minor misquotes and omissions, the quality of work was amazing. Quite impressive!”
Nishith Novato, USA
“The free sample was a strong factor in my choosing your service. I was also impressed with the speed with you responded to my queries.”
Robert , USA
“The price was reasonable compared to other editors I researched. My editor was professional and completed the job within a reasonable amount of time.”
Pascha paterson, USA
“The personal touch of the editor, and it's nice to know that my current editor is from Boston, because that's the city I love to write about :-)”
Cynthia Amsterdam, Netherlands
“I like that FirstEditing ensures the customer receives cost-effective, quality editing while at the same time meeting deadlines. I also like the free sample and the personal communication with customer service.”
Myrie Jamaica, USA
“I am a very happy returning customer!”
Alan E. Gas City, USA
“I am a first time fiction author, but here goes - The free sample was great, quality - nothing to compare to, professionalism was great, personal communication - outstanding. cost - comparable. deadlines - exceptional, guarantee - no experience.”
Ray Aurora, USA
“The detail in the editing.”
Johnie Bentonville, USA
“I felt that Jefferson took a real interest in my story and provided above and beyond assistance! I can't wait to work with you folks again.”
Alan E. Gas City, USA
“What I liked most was the free sample FirstEditing offered so that I could see exactly what they could do, which was a major selling point for me. Not a lot of editing companies do this. My editor, Vonda, was also very personable and met her projected deadline when it ...”
Eboni Portsmouth, USA
“Dear FirstEditing, Your customer service was fantastic, and the process of getting my work edited was quick and efficient. I'm aware of how much editing plays a part in "big publishing", so I feel this step was of definite value to my work in whatever route to publication I take. Regards, Naima”
Naima Pensacola, USA
“The quality of copy-editing and feedback from my editor was really good. My editor has shared my work and helped promote me a bit as well, which was really appreciated.”
Rick Leicestershire, United Kingdom
“I’d like to pass along my gratitude to my editor, Allison, for her patience, kindness, and expertise. She has a great eye and a great ear, and she also has a gentle touch to get the story and mechanics back on track without bruising my fragile inner child-author. It’s clear ...”
steve Highlands Ranch, USA
“Working with Lee Ann is fun. She gets involved in the manuscript and encourages me. Her comments guide me to improve my writing and sharpen the plot.”
Harold Chelsea, USA
“Personal communication as well as quality of work, meeting the deadline and providing great feedback.”
Jessica Grand Rapids, USA
“The primary benefit of editing was achieving consistency in grammar and punctuation style. I also appreciated the professionalism of my editor, Lee Ann. Her personality shown through. Also, work was completed on time as scheduled.”
Dennis Richland, USA