Educational Resources and Digital Repositories of Open Access: An alternative educational method of information access

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A short introduction

The European Union after Lisbon summit turned to a digital economy based on knowledge, technologically developed accompanying with relevant goods and services, an alternative economy that will be an imperative power concerning economic evolution, competitiveness and creation of new working positions. This masters thesis is trying to present digital repositories of open access and their principles/ values on which are consisted. In addition, this thesis displays several initiatives of open access as well as Budapest Open Access Initiative. However, while the case study of Greece regarding digital repositories of open access and their current circumstances will be also represented. Taking everything into consideration, this masters thesis attempts to present current evolution and long-term targets as regards education repositories of open access its digital environment on-going evolution.

Author: Nikos

Mr.Nikos Koutras has obtained his Masters degree in Science of Information in 2010 and currently work on his PhD by publication in Intellectual Property Law at Macquarie Law School. Since 2010 he has worked as tutor and research assistant in the field of information law, intellectual property law (basics) and business law. He is the author of several articles published in reputed conferences, seminars and journals

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