Emma's Gossip Column

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Author’s review

I was referred to FirstEditing by Saguaro Books, LLC along with another editing company in order to prepare my manuscript for editor review. I was contacted immediately after messaging FirstEditing and I was so impressed with the professionalism I encountered with them. My editor and stayed in constant communication with me and made it very clear what was being revised and why. Because of that I learned a few things about writing. Upon completion of my edit I submitted my manuscript to Saguaro Books, LLC and am now a published author!

A short introduction

Emma's Gossip Column finds a young middle school student aspiring to overcome her dilemma of the constant demand for gritty gossip. Emma Sawyer earned her fame in middle school as author of Emma's Gossip Column, and although being a star should have brought bliss, she's grown tired of all the raging rumors. Instead of enjoying her last year at Riverside Middle School, she finds herself avoiding her bossy editor while attempting to hide a secret she's promised to keep. So, when Emma stumbles upon a mystery blanketing her town, she gladly shifts her calling from gossip columnist to case decoder. Only problem is, her fame begins to dwindle as she struggles to uncover a secret someone else is trying to keep.

Author: Pamela

Pamela Perry lives in Knoxville, TN with her husband, two children, and four fur babies. As an author her focus is on encouraging a young generation to stand firm in the face of conflict. She looks forward to her evenings at Starbucks shaping out Emma Sawyer's stories in the Emma's Gossip Column series. Pamela plans on creating a timeline for Emma after middle school, through high school, and eventually into college.

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