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Author’s review

My personal editor, Dr. Marian, was an answer to prayer. She understood what I was trying to grasp myself and became a part of the process. I couldn't have asked for a finer editor -- intelligent, perceptive, warm, and accessible.

I hired you because I needed honest and encouraging feedback (even more than editing) because of the subject matter and my own uncertainties. My challenge was to actually finish and follow through...and believe that my writing was viable. My "success story" has yet to be written, but I count it a success that with Dr. M.'s excellent help, I did it, and a publisher said YES.

A short introduction

Judith was granted a summer on an old ranch in SoCA. There she experienced a new and startling dimension to life that evolved like parables from the flora, fauna, and ambiance around her. The Kingdom of God became a gradual reality and an answer to her/our haunting life issues.

Author: Judith

Judith Deem Dupree resides in San Diego County, and also spends at least 6 weeks a year in CO--writing, and savoring the mountains on the horizon.

She has published 3 books of poetry, and her new work is Sky Mesa Journal, Wipf and Stock, Publisher. Judith was a founding member of San Diego Christian Writers Guild, and taught creative writing for many years under their auspices. She was also founder/director of Ad Lib, a former workshop/retreat for the arts. She is an avid gardener and environmentalist.

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