Perception as Reality: The Life and Times of Tedy Merrill

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Author’s review

My personal editor was thorough and provided some commentary about parts of the book. I have already had him edit the first 10,000 words of the sequel which is almost ready for a first round of editing.
Mainly, it was the free sample and the ease of communication which was probably more important info than the sample.
This was my first self-published book.
Perception as Reality is available on Amazon. My goal now is to get as many Amazon reviews as possible-hopefully with your help.

A short introduction

Perception as Reality is a word work of fiction whose protagonist is Dr. Tedy Merrill, a son of the South, whose early life is told mostly as the sum of his life-altering experiences. Part 1 of the novel details his development as a plastic surgeon through the telling of the important stories of his early life helping the reader to better understand how those stories and their telling leads to the dualistic personality which was is fate as an adult. Part 2 tells the reader about his life after leaving plastic surgery and medicine, in general, and becoming an expatriate living in Paris with Jessica , his wife and companion. Not controlled by the practice of medicine, Tedy's true personality emerges bringing him into contact with the nefarious side of Paris and the Russian Mafia which he comes to abhor. Part 3 has Tedy virtually running from Paris and his wife and the Russians. His only true act of self-preservation in the book. Tedy ends his peregrinations in the heat and humidity of Miami; a city even more dangerous to Tedy than Paris. Through cunning, smarts, and a touch of psychopathy, Tedy finally prevails over the Russians only to have his unobtainable love from Paris, also a Russian, intrude on whatever amount of relative normalcy he had obtained.

Author: Paul

Paul Howard,M.D. is a board certified plastic surgeon currently practicing in Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Howard has a B.S. in Chemistry from Florida State University, a medical degree for the University of Alabama in Birmingham, general surgery training at the University of Alabama Hospitals and board certification in plastic surgery from the University of Miami followed by six months of post-graduate plastic surgery training under the famous French plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Tessier. Born and raised in the Deep South, Dr. Howard was instructed early in life by his mother and grandmother in the importance of quality, entertaining storytelling in recording family history. The art of storytelling, as it exists in the South, is the foundation of his fictional characterization of Dr. Tedy Merrill, a plastic surgeon, who suffers from the dualism that engulfs many creative Southern surgeons who are both supremely talented and slightly psychopathic.

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