A Religion Called Love

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Author’s review

My manuscript required basic proofreading, which was nicely done by Nick from FirstEditing.com. He mined the errors of punctuation that are often excrutiating to correct, and he found a paragraph late in the book that was a near-duplicate from one hundred pages earlier. This shows that he was paying attention to detail. He did a great job making changes while allowing me to keep my voice throughout. For the price, there is no better option. I will certainly use FirstEditing.com again for my next book.

A short introduction

Adored by her 20 children, Kathryn James is a young kindergarten teacher whose good intentions were never meant to be controversial"”yet controversy follows her at school and home, even posthumously, when a manuscript titled A Religion Called Love is discovered. Her mysterious death at age 28 raises questions about faith that divide a community of believers and non-believers. Among them, Detective Robin Noel is determined to find the party responsible. Her investigation centers on three men who knew Kathryn well, each suspected for different reasons. A Religion Called Love explores themes of friendship, lust and loneliness through a humanist lens"”it tests the boundaries of belief and leaves the reader feeling unexpectedly satisfied.

Author: David

David Trock is the author of several genres, notably non-fiction in the field of medicine. His book, "Healing Fibromyalgia," provided insight into the problem of chronic pain. His book chapters and journal articles have been widely published. Dr. Trock's curiosity about the human mind motivated him to write the novel, A Religion Called Love"”a modern exploration of the limits of behavior and the lasting impact of choices made by ordinary people. He is married with two grown children and lives in Connecticut.

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