Sarah's Secret Struggle

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You are awesome and I am so glad you are my editor. You have done a tremendous job on editing my book. Any question I had was explained in detail. You provided a book synopsis and query letter that was well written, and now you are doing an outline of my book as well as a press release. I couldn't ask for a better service or turnaround time. You will be highly recommended by me. I hope you get a raise from your company because you deserve it. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It is much appreciated!

Lindella Dee Grace

A short introduction

Have you ever struggled to make a relationship work? Were you hopeful that love could conquer all? What if you got involved with the wrong man, finding out about his true nature too late? One day, he woos you with all your fondest dreams and the next, beats you into unconsciousness and holds you prisoner. And what if protection orders and secret moves don't keep him from finding you, his anger escalating each time until he eventually makes plans to murder you?

This book is for men and women who have taken too many chances. Twenty-one-year-old single mom Sarah Jones is one of those people. Finding Mr. Right is her ultimate goal. When she meets Bill Taylor, a twenty-three-year-old player with an alluring look and charismatic confidence, it is love at first sight. He is her knight in shining armor, and no one can tell her differently in spite of his smooth talk that glosses over early red flags.

Convinced she can win him over by giving her all to him and the relationship, she slowly falls under his control, and when she moves in with him, her mother takes Sarah's daughter away from her. Before long, her life spirals out of control as she tries harder and harder to heal Bill's increasingly violent lifestyle with unconditional love.

Sarah's efforts failed, and her life changed in what seemed like a matter of moments. She learned in the worst possible way the outcome of trying too hard to love and compromise in attempts to help someone who doesn't want to change.

Can love really conquer all?

Author: Lindella Dee Grace

Lindella Dee Grace lives in Pennsylvania with her son and two daughters. Although Sarah's Secret Struggle is her debut novel, she's no stranger to writing, having had poetry published in the International Library of Poetry's Secret Hiding Places, as well as writing and directing several plays and skits at her church. Her latest, The Judgement Line, was followed by Just in Time (Parts 1 and 2). She has also appeared as an extra in a number of movies, including

Let It Snow, starring John Goodman and Amanda Seyfried; The Next Three Days, starring Russell Crowe; Warrior, starring Nick Nolte and Tom Hardy; and Silence of the Lamb, starring Jodie Foster. Her training in culinary arts led her to a devoted ministry of feeding the homeless and those in need. She is the founder of The Soup Kitchen through her church, and inspired, went on to also to organize and start The Community Outreach Choir.

Lindella Grace is keenly aware of how valuable a helping hand can be, having risen from the ashes of her own nearly fatal abusive relationship. She now uses her experience to inspire others, proving that no matter where you are or have been, you can get out and pursue your dreams.

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