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Author’s review

Virginia was really spot on with the line editing. My e-book QASAAYE: A COLLECTION OF STORIES needed another pair of eyes, and she paid close attention to my text. Now my e-book reads more naturally and with clarity.

A short introduction

Qasaaye is a stranger in a strange land. As a young refugee adjusting to life in Minneapolis, he always finds himself in trouble. But in these six lively short stories, Qasaaye is far from a tragic figure. Through a series of misunderstandings and cultural mix-ups, his funny and troublesome personality is on full display. Whether visiting the zoo, translating for his brother-in-law at a job interview, or simply riding an elevator, Qasaaye never fails to make a bad situation worse. These stories combine the classic immigrant story with a Charlie Chaplin-esque sensibility.

Author: Abdullahi Janno

Abdullahi Janno writes short stories to engage and entertain, exploring characters in situations ripe with tension and humor. His debut, Qasaaye: A Collection of Stories, marks his first appearance on Amazon Kindle. He lives in Minnesota with his wife and kids.

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