Udgam Prt 1 Rise of ALL-doer

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On the cusp of his fifth birthday, Aarav has been having strange ,vivid dreams . His night terrors inspire a curiosity in him. He now wants to learn about his existence and the origin of all humanity, he hoped his father might have some answers, but with Aarav's fifth birthday comes an unexpected announcement : he would be forced to leave home.

Apprently , according to the cruel laws of All-doer , highly intelligent children like Aarav can be taken from their parents at the age of five in order to serve the lords of society . Aarav is indeed bright and brave , so eventually , the principal of his school gives him excerpts from old books that will help the young boy find the answer he seeks.

Through his reading Aarav realizes all-doer planet is perishing soon and due to which humanity will be annihilated but there is someone inside kalemon mountain who can save the world . Aarav begins his journey to find the savior but easy journey made difficult by many adversaries. Young seeker discovers mind bending answers about existence that stretch even beyond his mental horizon.

Author: Manoj

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sarmaik holds a bachelor's degree in dental science and studied at JNV Theog, Shimla and Curtin University in Perth, western Australia, where he developed his love for writing. He mixes science with spirituality to answer questions about mankind's creation and why we're here.

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