Tales of Elimm: The Quest for the Champion Shrine

edited by FirstEditing.com

Author’s review

The editing process was exciting participate in. My editor was very accommodating and careful with the manuscript. I was allowed to customize my level of editing due to my needs and the needs of the story. In the end, First Editing really made my story go from my opinion of art to a confirmed, professional example.

A short introduction

Tales of Elimm: The Quest for the Champion Shrines is the first offering of a series of books to come. Please see Youtube link below for description.

Author: John

Born and raised in L.A. John found a great escape in all things fictional. From cinema to comic books. His love for the fantastical and harrowing adventures of his literary heroes made writing and creating his own brand of entertainment for others, inevitable. "Hang the rules of proper literature. Tell a great story, that's the only goal."-- is one of this author's favorite sayings.

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