Third-Level Awakening - The Rise of Spiritual Awareness

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A short introduction

There are three levels of consciousness: The conscious, the subconscious, and then there is the third level – the spiritual superconscious.

Spiritualism is something seen by the soul and not with the eyes. It is felt by the heart and not with the hand. You can't hear it, you can't taste it, and you can't smell it. Spiritualism is something completely intangible, which is why so many people don't know it exists to believe in it.

It is the awakening and the rise of spiritual awareness that leads to a higher state of true wisdom and the realization of the supernatural intelligence and driving force throughout this universe.

Enlightened people have finally come to realize that they can draw strength, energy, and eternal hope from this higher level of consciousness.

Author: George

G. R. Cooper grew up on the Front Range of Colorado in a poor but principled broken home setting.

Following in the steps of his mother and grandmother, who were also writers, and upon graduating from high school, he left home at the age of seventeen and put himself through college. He later went on to attended graduate school where he received his MS in Management with honors from Regis University in Denver.

Cooper spent his career in varied occupations, mostly in resort management and as an entrepreneur, eventually becoming a teacher while last serving as a college business and management instructor in the federal prisons.

Today, he is semi-retired and living in Colorado while working part-time as a management consultant and self-published author.

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