Playtoon and the Crap SMS

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A short introduction

Smartphones, tablets and apps are here to stay, we have to learn to use them for the best. More important is teaching kids to do so. Playtoon received a SMS message "I DON'T LIKE U". What would you do? What will Playtoon do? A highly entertaining story about cyberbullying. Age 8 to 12.

Author: Diane (Kamon)

Kamon was born in Quebec, Canada, in 1957. She has been a high school teacher and a business manager, and she studied acupuncture in Montreal before moving to Thailand in 1989.

Kamon is currently a library manager in an innovative new school with a groundbreaking approach to teaching mindfulness and social emotional learning to children, which she believes is the way education, will evolve in the future.

She has practiced secular meditation since she was a teenager and uses it as a tool for coping with everyday life. In addition, she has learned the Thai and Chinese languages and has a keen interest in the wisdom of Asian culture.

Taking the best from the Thai way of thinking, she has applied this knowledge to her own life, making it more fun and more rewarding. Kamon has always aspired to write children's books and it is now a reality.

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