Along a Road of Acceptance

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Author’s review

I am delighted with my book and with the editing provided by my personal editor, Marian. I enjoyed reading her comments and her explanations. When I was looking at your website and was able to chat with Kathy, I felt very comfortable and at ease, it was great to be able to ask questions knowing that I was going to receive answers immediately.

I was asked to write about living and coping with Usher syndrome and I feel that my book will help others with Usher syndrome. I have already got some orders from people who were aware that I was writing this book and I am looking forward to seeing it in print.

Thank you very much for what you have done to my book!

A short introduction

It was suggested that I should consider writing a booklet about my early years of coping with a dual sensory disability of hearing loss and sight loss. I have been hearing impaired since birth, thus I have grown up living with deafness, and the sight loss is due to Retinitis pigmentosa which developed during my teens. In my book, I have tried to describe my life and how I have moved from one identity to another as well as remaining essentially myself. My aim was to show that this has not all been a triumph or a tragedy but an ordinary happy life. Usher syndrome is the most common disease that affects both hearing and vision - it is a rare disease and there is no cure but research is being done to find a much needed cure.

Author: Jean

Jean Reid was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK in 1940. She attended Scarcliffe Primary School followed by two deaf schools - the Maud Maxfield School in Sheffield, Yorkshire and the Mary Hare Grammar School, a boarding school in Newbury, Berkshire. Jean has a dual sensory disability of hearing loss and sight loss - she is severely deaf and wears hearing aids and is registered as severely sight impaired

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