MEDICAL CONCEPTS AND TERMS: Root words, Phrases, Phrasings, Prefixes, and Suffixes (The Basics)

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My latest project is a new book entitled:
--MEDICAL CONCEPTS AND TERMS: Root words, Phrases, Phrasings, Prefixes, and Suffixes (The Basics)--

I rely on First Editing to give me the editorial advice I need to venture into new writing territories and to critique the new
approaches I am developing in developing a book focusing on understanding medical terms not individually, but in terms of a class of terms under an overall medical concept. Their feedback is much appreciated at all times.

A short introduction

Our focus will be on common concepts, terms, phrases, phrasings, prefixes and suffices used in medical conversations and medical discussions in a variety of settings including clinics, clinic conferences, on hospital wards, in ward conferences, medical transcriptions, medical records, and in day-to-day conversations.

We have attempted to cluster relevant words to add to individual understanding of the uses of the term in medicine. We hope the

volume will be useful to people in day-to-day understanding of the language of medicine as it appears, is heard, and is written about in a variety of medical and nursing contexts, both on and off the Internet and World Wide Web.

The concept of this book comes from our day-to-day work with clinic, hospital, and medical center administrative staff, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical students, medical residents, medical fellows, and both general and subspecialty physicians for over 30 years.

A set of questions and answers is presented at the end of the book.

Author: Dennis Mazur

Working in the medical field for over 30 years.

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