Are serious about getting an A on your research project? Or succeeding in getting that novel or autobiography you’ve written published? Then you should consider hiring a professional editor who will thoroughly correct your work. Everyone makes mistakes in writing. However, it is even more likely that if English is not your native language, you will make some errors. It does not matter how proficient you are.

Can’t a writer edit his or her own work? The simple answer is no. If you are the one who wrote the words, it is very likely that you will not notice your mistakes. Of course, it is good to re-read and do a preliminary edit of your work. There are some online resources for ESL writers that will help.

Listed below are websites that can help with writing, as well as research: – This online dictionary is an excellent free resource for anyone who wants to write in American English. – This website, entitled English as a Second Language, provides a great deal of practical information on grammar, spelling, and writing for non-native English speakers and writers. – This website contains the complex rules and some example papers for multiple types of research and documentation styles, including MLA, APA, and CSE.

Online Resources for ESL Writers – This very helpful online resource includes lots of information. Besides having useful and detailed facts about grammar and research, it is full of extremely practical instructional information about various types of writing, such as technical, creative, academic, and job search writing. The educational section includes pertinent facts and tips for writing in diverse subject areas, as well as resources for non-native English speakers and writers.

After you have completed your writing and have looked back over it for errors, you should seriously consider hiring a professional online editor.  They can edit for clients for whom English is a second language. At, for only pennies per word or dollars per page, we can perfect your writing. Our editors are trained to correct sentence structure, quotations, and subject-verb agreement, as wall as verb tense, research paper style requirements, word choice, etc. Give us a try! The cost of NOT hiring a professional editor could be earning a lower grade than you want or not getting your book published!

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