Best Book Marketing Tips

What is book marketing? Book marketing, in its simplest form, is essentially the same as any marketing—getting your…

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How to Time Your Book Release

Setting up your self-published e-book for a pre-order is a great way of attracting the masses. However, it is also…

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How To Write Your Book Description and Sales Copy

While you need a good story to sell your e-book in the long run, your first task is to get readers interested in what…

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Target Your e-Book to Customers

If you want your book to reach the right audience, it is important to choose the correct categories in which to list…

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Book Cover Design and Creation

Looking to design your own e-book cover? Following a few simple guidelines will help you achieve success, even if…

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On e-Book Aggregators (aka Distributors)

While you might be ready to self-publish your e-book, have you thought about the marketing strategy yet? You need to…

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Pricing Your e-Book Right

There are many factors that go into the decision of how much to charge for your e-book. Some of these are within your…

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Here’s How To Choose Between Book Publishing Platforms

If you are planning to self-publish, direct publishing may be the best way. What is direct publishing? Direct…

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Advantages of Self-Publishing e-Books over Traditional Print Publishing

If you can’t decide whether to self-publish or go for traditional publishing, here is a comparison of the two types…

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