While you need a good story to sell your e-book in the long run, your first task is to get readers interested in what you have to offer. A great way to do this is through your e-book description. In order for your book to sell, ensure that your e-book description interests your readers and is an accurate, succinct representation of your book’s theme.

Here are a few tips for writing an e-book description that sells.

  • Include hooks: Hooks are the cliff-hangers of e-book descriptions. Use a hook to attract a reader’s curiosity, leaving them wanting more by the time they reach the end of the description. Make them say, “I need to read this!” If they are intrigued enough, they will buy your book to find out what actually happens.
  • Compare with other books in your genre: Each genre has a set of traditionally used hooks. Read the back cover of other successful books in your genre. Make a list of the ones that attract you most. Apply the writing style of book descriptions of successful authors while typing your description, being careful not to copy someone else’s writing; merely emulate it.
  • Use keywords: This is important. Dig into online sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and make a list of 30 of the most-used search words and phrases for books in your genre. Just start typing your genre’s keywords in the site search box and it will auto-fill with popular searches. Start with keywords crime, detective, and suspense for a whodunit novel, for example. You will enter at least seven different keyword phrases when uploading your book for self-publishing. Try to include these keywords and phrases in your description. That way, when people search for specific words, your book is more likely to come up in the results. It will also make it easier for you to reach your target audience.
  • Remember to include a captivating first line: You may include all the hooks you want, but no will read your entire description unless you win them over with your first line. The first line of your description is as important as the first line of your story, perhaps even more so, because this is what could lead your reader to buy the book.
  • Include reviews and quotes from your book: Readers are more likely to buy a book if it has good reviews. If you can get a good review from an authority on the subject matter or other well-known authors, be sure to include them. Also, include catchy quotes from your book as part of your book description.
  • At the very end of the description, subtly encourage readers to buy your book: For example, if you are writing about success, you can add, “If you want to help make your dreams come true, buy this now!”

Your e-book description is like an advertisement, helping readers determine whether they will buy the product or not. There’s no need to write an essay. Try not to write more than 150 words. Don’t just summarize your book; make it simple and catchy, and who knows, you might have a bestseller!

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