Learning how to perform a sentence-level copy edit is essential for self-editing. It helps you quickly and confidently review your writing. By learning to self-edit your manuscript for basic syntax, you can become a more confident and skilled writer and editor.

There are many levels and stages of editing after you complete your original draft. Professional editors recommend copy editing as the final edit prior to formatting your book for publishing. Copy editing focuses on checking your grammar, spelling and punctuation for accuracy.

When you perform a sentence-level copy edit, you want to ensure consistency in your writing, word choices, style, and compositional spacing. It is important to eliminate jargon and repetitious words while maintaining style consistency and compositional spacing.

By learning these basic editing skills, you become not only a better self-editor, but also a better writer. You become more aware of your personal writing challenges and learn quickly how to locate and fix them.

Ultimately, a sentence-level copy editing is a skill which helps you achieve a better return on your investment in a professional editor. As a self-aware writer and independent self-editor, you gain valuable skills, such as:

  • Creating clear communication with your editor
  • Identifying and defining where you need professional help
  • Understanding the suggested revisions provided
  • Saving money on basic syntax so you may achieve a developmental or line edit as necessary
  • Determining which editing service you need or want based upon your goals and skills

Remember, editing is a journey. Learn how to self-edit and master your writing skills.

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