Editing Seminar Presentations

January 2022: 10 Red Flags for Editors

December 2021: 10 Questions to Ask a Potential Editor for Your Book

November 2021: How Editors Work to Strengthen Every Scene

October 2021: What Do Editors Look for in a Romance Novel?

September 2021: 10 Things an Editor Looks for in a Structural Edit

August 2021: What Is the Difference Between Editing and Proofreading?

July 2021: How to Perform a Sentence-Level Copy Edit

How to Work With a Professional Editor

June 2021: How to Self-Edit Faster and More Efficiently

May 2021: 5 Principles of a Thorough Self-Editing Process

April 2021: How to Navigate the 4 Stages of Editing

March 2021: 10 Common Editing Mistakes Authors Make

February 2021: Copy or Developmental Edit – What Is the Difference?

January 2021: Professional Editors versus Self-Editing Software

December 2020: Story Readability


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Client Reviews
“I was in need of help facing writing deadlines for my doctoral applications. My statements of purpose were each unique. I was challenged to create a 1300 word one to a 750 word one. Another challenge came from a professor who asked me to take a specific B+ paper of ...”
Suzanne Washington, USA
“What did I like most? Everything! I loved getting a free sample first to give me an idea what I could look forward to with the rest of my manuscript. The feedback in the edits by Dr. Jeff reminded me it was a real person reading my book, not a ...”
Kimberlee Groveland, USA
“Attention to detail. Very good editing and reproduction”
Brad Oliver BC, Canada
“Quality and professionalism! I liked most that when I used First Editing for the first time, the group delivered a fantastic editing experience at a reasonable price! I also really appreciated the feedback from my editor! It helped my confidence that an outside reader appreciated my content and delivery.”
Suzanne Washington, USA
“It is really good.”
asli gretna, USA