Dr. Michael

Academic Writing Guru

Former lecturer in literature and theory, Dr. Michael has edited dozens of works published by international academic publishing houses (Routledge, Cambridge University Press, Peter Lang, Bloomsbury, and others). Returning clients include scholars who can well and truly be said to be setting the direction of the conversation in various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences: politics (Connors, Davison, Dosch; Dittmer, Yu), psychoanalysis (Gherovici and Steinkoler), economics (Sun), literary criticism and theory (Attridge; Rose; Malay), and more. A recent client whose book was published by Palgrave Macmillan said of his work, “I was continually surprised and delighted by your ability to put in such clear words issues that I’ve struggled to articulate for the past two years.”

As an active independent researcher, Michael has also published papers of his own (literary criticism and theory) in leading peer-reviewed journals and is currently adapting his PhD thesis for publication with Palgrave Macmillan. His current preoccupation involves exploring aesthetic states and concepts through a perspective somewhere in the overlap between affect theory, phenomenology, and neuropsychology.

This focus is informed by his practice of vipassana meditation, which he’s done for the last twelve years, and the insight it provides into our affective constitution.

With his first-hand experience of all aspects of academic writing and publishing (as both writer and editor), Dr. Michael can help you ensure your work achieves your goals – whether these be graduation, publication, or anything else. He also loves helping novelists, short-story writers and authors of prose non-fiction to find their voice and develop their vision.

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